Disney theme park music cd's


ok, from my other post (disney guilty pleasure) i have noticed a fairly LARGE amount of disney theme park music buffs. so i pose a question…:flowers: sometimes when you listen to the theme park music, do you get upset, even well up w/ tears or actually cry? :crying: i admit that i do. yes, sometimes it makes me happy. but there are times when i am feeling self-masochistic and i am missing WDW terribly, and i’ll pop in the CD and have a pity party :laugh: how silly is that? anybody w/ me on this one or am i flying solo?


Nope, sorry… but I cry when I look at our pictures from WDW trips! Does that count?


yeah, that’s acceptable, lol :blush:


I ALMOST started bawling when I was listening to Fantasmic, at the finale, but I was cleaning my room and packing for school so I was already fairly emotional. :laugh: :blush: But yeah, Fantasmic has the amazing power to make me both amazingly happy and a bit sad. Craaazy!


I listen to Disney theme park music ALL the time…as a matter of fact, listening to Live365 now. It’s AWESOME!

I do tear up when I hear some of the music, but not all…I think the fireworks music gets me every time!


Oh yeah, Fantasy in the Sky tends to get me too, right near the end…ah well. Girls are allowed to be emotional! :tongue:


I cry / laugh/ smile / sigh when I hear the music … look at our pictures or see a WDW commercial. All of the park music tugs at my heart because thats where I want to be.


I think the Millennium Celebration music does for me but it has special meaning…



I am kinda courious about some music.Maybe somebody knows the answere to this. I have been looking for Disney music,I mean the music as you are walking around the parks. The music you hear down mainstreet and around the parks.Is there anyone out there that knows how to get ahold of this music,or a wed site would be fine. HELP!!


here you go mousemom, i have a link for you to follow for some cd’s. i personally have the “official album, walt disney world” and love it. but review what they have offered and see if there’s anything you like!! :mickey:

Amazon.com: The Official Album: Disneyland/Walt Disney World: Explore similar items

if the link doesn’t work, just let me know!!


And some places have the area music as well, though it’s not been officially released on CD.



I love Fantasmics finale! I just want to swing my arms around like an orchestra conductor! O.K…that’s a bad visual, but it does make me feel all goosebumpy.


Thanks for the link Florida.It was really a pretty good Cd.


Thanks for the LIVE365 tip. It is making my day at work way better. I know what I’ll be listening to from now on :mickey:


janiebird66 i heard a cd of Fantasmic.


Some area music here.



I get “welled up” when listening to the track from the Christmas Fireworks show of a few years ago mostly due to the memory attached to it of my little DD and DS enjoying the show.