"Disney themed" teaching items


Does anyone know if there is a site to purchase educational Disney themed items? I am trying to locate the characters/alphabet and characters/numbers to put above my chalkboard in my classroom.


That sounds like a cute idea, what grade do you teach?


I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you, but that sounds like a cool idea.

I sub teach sometimes and have been hoping for so long to be called and teach for a second grade teacher at one of the schools because her whole classroom is disney. I mean EVERYTHING in it is disney. What a positive environment. She even put a mickey head over they sign for the boys restroom and a minnie one over the girls.

I’m sure your kids will love it


That’s such a great idea! I don’t have any sites in mind, but I’ll be on the look-out for some! :mickey:


I also do not have any sites in mind, but…
I DO have something that Cavey gave me a long time ago.

It’s Disney “work” pages. I’m not sure if it will be of use to you. But, it never hurts to link, right?
Kids Home Work Pages • The Mouse For Less


I am the resource room teacher. I work with children that are emotionally and academically challenged having special needs. The kids are in kindergarten - third grade all working on skills below their actual grade level.
One of my girls loves Tinkerbell. I bought some material to make a floor pillow (the kind that you simply cut and tie all the way around) for my reading area. I asked one of my aides to make two pillowcases for me. I picked up a couple of foam pads to use as floor pillows as well. The fabric is a real soft flannel…like jammie fabric…a teal color with darker “Mickey head” shapes all over it! The kids love them!

I have taken in a few Disney stuffed characters that the kids like to hold during our reading time.
Since Figment and imagination go hand in hand, he is the mascot (so to speak of my room). I always tie him in with my lessons on the “senses”.

I took in my son’s leap pad for some help from Tigger and Pals! ( I need to add to my Disney theme books) Tip for myself: Maybe Ebay has some for sale!


This is the only thing I found

DISNEY ALPHABET FLASH CARD GAME by Disney @ EducationalLearningGames.com

It looks like the letters are on the one side of the card and the character is on the opposite. For the price you could order two sets and put like an “A” and then the next post the character and so on and so on.

Hope this helps


I ran across those the other day. I ordered them to check them out.
I might end up ordering another set to do as you suggested if they “work out”. Thanks


You can check at the Disney Site for Teachers: Disney Educational Productions - Home Page :mickey:

On the top there’s a navigation bar and the first one is Teacher’s Store.


You would think this would be a great idea. Why can’t we find anything. This was all I could find.

The Disney Alphabet - ©Disney Prints by Walt Disney at AllPosters.com


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for web page info, poster info and so on. I am very suprised that someone in the land of Disney didn’t create alphabet/number banners for classrooms.

I know that years ago there were poster size images of characters holding dominos representing the numbers 1 - 12. A teacher I work with has them in her room.


what a great website, erin. thanks for posting it. i will be sure to use that when i become a teacher in 1 1/2 years.


Oh dear. That is not what I wanted to see after Friday. At my library, we recieved a shipment from DEP… 100 Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs. $3249… for 100 DVDs!:wacko: With the Library discount, it came out to $32.xx per DVD. My point : IMO, the DEP stuff is way too overpriced.


Thanks for this link Erin. I homeschool, so I can use these when we are visiting in Nov. and we can count it as a school day. Last time we went I made up worksheets on my own. Disney is a very educational place. I was able to come up with lesson plans for all the parks. This way the kids are having fun and learning at the same time.

Thanks again.


:eek: :eek: :eek:



timkelmom - I also homeschool, which is why he gave me that link. We’re going to do a Holiday themed unit featuring the World Showcase in Nov/Dec.

I can’t wait!


Not sure if you have Dollar Tree there, but I found flash cards that are Disney princess, and I think they had Toy Story and Pooh too. There is alphabet, numbers, time & money - maybe others, but I can’t remember! If you are interested, i’d be happy to get some and send them to you - they are only $1 each!! I love dollar stores!


Erin, I meant to thank you much sooner. Those pages are wonderful!
I have used them in the past with my son when we have visited Epcot.
They Will come in very handy in my classroom as well.