Disney Themes For Adult Characters


Next January, I’ll be running in the WDW Half Marathon with a male friend. We want to have some kind of theme for our little team of two. Runners run the Disney marathon in all kinds of costumes: Mickey and Minnie, Peter Pan and Tink, lots and lots of fairies, pirates, etc.

Can you guys help us think of an unusual theme for our little team? Keep in mind we don’t want to wear anything that will be too cumbersome or interfere with our running. That is, after all, the primary reason for being there. :happy:

I’m not an idea person, but I’m pretty good with carrying out an idea. So if we can think of a good one, I can make it happen.


Mr. & Mrs. Incredible?


Charachters from the Haunted mansion should be easy to run in.


All I can come up with is Lilo and Stitch


I would have thought you’d suggest a nice couple of fairies …


Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum??? That could be cute!


Ooh…I like the Incredibles! That’s a possibility. We could wear red tights and shirts and the blindfolds…

What characters from the HM could we do?


Why, Tarzan and Jane, of course!! :laugh:

this would be Jane near the end of the movie, naturally


Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum could work if we didn’t put the big tummies on and just stuck to the ties and hats. But would we be recognizable then?


Mary Poppins and Burt?


Peter Pan and Wendy???


You are really living on the edge today aren’t you?


Only because I’m down to 30 days … but I won’t mention it.


Very decent of you not to wave that countdown flag in everyones faces! :glare:

I like the Incredibles idea:)


I love the Tarzan and Jane idea!


Does it get hot running in tights??? I’ve never tried!!


If it’s the same as running in panty hose, it does get very hot! :tongue:


I am not even going to ask…


Triathlon people must have suits which wick away moisture and such…



Yes - it does.