Disney thinks about the unthinkable


Disney is toying with the idea of teir pricing and eliminating annual passes,I am unable to post the link but if you search for Disney world and tier pricing you should find it and in my opinion it will make your blood boil…


It’s just a survey…the article took snapshots from a survey that Disney sent out. I received that survey this week. Yes…they were asking about which days of the week we go to the parks, would we be willing to pay for for the ticket on weekends or different time of the year-in order to have less crowds.

So…it’s just a survey so far…Disney hasn’t said anything…hopefully it’s just an idea and with guest responses it will just go poof! :blush:


Yuck, I love having an annual pass and I really don’t want to have to plan around what days we’re in the parks.


Take away the annual pass and I go back to APs for Universal and Busch Gardens and actually save money.


I am always amazed at how some of these ideas see the light of day,but in this case it just seems a little disingenuous…so if you go twice a year like we do and spend upwards to 2 1/2 weeks at a time…this would definitely mean less trips …instead of 3 in a calendar year it might be down to 1 or none


I would think no APs would perhaps not kill, but greatly hurt DVC sales. People who have hundreds of points and go 3 or 4 times a yr, would then be forced to spend three times the amount in tickets. I’m already in awe how families with 3 or 4 kids, can afford disney now. For my DD, even at DVC rates, APs now would cost her family almost 3 grand.


Please remember that Disney is about making money for Disney.


If you only go every 2-3 years like we do, this really wouldn’t matter to us anyway…we go when we can go…stay for 6 days…then don’t go for another couple of years…I would just pay what I would have to pay. It wouldn’t change my plans— :slight_smile:


…this article states that they have used this teired approach for the special event times such as MVMCP …and that Holiday and the month of July seem to be the busiest. I know that from the example shown in the survey I received, when we go in August would be a “down” time…so…it won’t affect us most likely. :slight_smile:

…but the survey sure is getting a lot of attention…


already hae that with length of stay this would tier the price per day …it just seems like your efforts instead of bleeding cash from your fans you should try to make it easier not harder,plan your dates,plan your meals,plan your dining reservations,plan your fast passes at some point it is too much work at an ever increasing cost of not only time but hard earned cash…just hoping this never comes about


This would be a total turn off. Going two or three times a year now, and moving to just outside of the world in a few years. This would NOT be good. I depend on our annual passes


I completely think that this is ridiculous. There should not be different prices for different days, whether or not there are more people, etc… Disney vacations are expensive, and they need to think about that…


I heard about this… If this goes into effect, I think it would be my final straw. I would not want to mess with a tier schedule to plan my trip. I’m already having enough trouble trying to plan fastpasses - still upset about the changes to that system. And one site I read explained that if your trip spans more than one price tier, you pay the higher amount for your entire trip. So on a 10 day trip, if one day is at the high-level and the other 9 are at mid- or low-level, you would pay the high-level price for all 10 days. I understand that Disney needs to raise prices occasionally, but this is not the way to do it. I didn’t get the survey - too bad I can’t give Disney my feedback directly. I hope others spoke up against it.


I agree, this may also be our final straw. We love our APs and have to go in peak season so this would probably change things for us. I don’t like the new Fastpass+ and a change in our tickets might just be too much. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.


I called Disney guest services and said that planning a Disney vacation has become a lot of work,6month window for dining,60 days for fast passes ( also since our ap’s have expired we will need to purchase them 60days+ in order to use the fast pass window)…now if you eliminate AP’S and go to tier pricing then our 2 times a year will be probably down to once,that being said we are DVC and that would truly diminish our buy in…we just spent $2250 for 3 AP’S for Disneyland we probably this year will not be back until either dec of this year or even apr of the next yearbut I would have to pay out another 1600 sixty days early to use the fast pass system …the connection with Disney and the consuming public seems to me being split by the consumer and wall street Disney,that being said our love for Disney is not diminished but they are starting to slightly tarnish it if they go further some of these ideas that might change…here’s hoping that they will NOT