Disney ticket


Disney security gave someone a “ticket” lol!


That is too cool… Where did u get/find that??? Did u rec in WDW or buy from a store?? Please let me know my kids would love that…


A person on another Disney Forum said that Disney security just came up to them and issued them a citation, it was all fake, but a great keepsake!


That was Awsome… I hope this kind of stuff happens when I get there in 07


me too! I just think that is so neat!


hooligans!!! :tongue: :laugh:


Hahaha! Those crazy WDW Security Officers! That is too cool!


That is so neat. Would love to get a few dozen of these kind of tickets instead of the ‘other’ kind of tickets!!


I want one of those to hang on my office in my department…the other investigators would get a kick out of that!


That’s great. They should do that more often. My daughter got a card from tower of terror that said future guest because she did not make it to 40".


That is so cute!


What a great idea! I really like that!


how cute is that!!!

Now that’s the kinda ticket that would make my day instead of breaking it!


That is so cool! Love it. :heart:


Now that is adroable! I hope I get a “ticket” when I am there.


I’m wondering if its from those crazy officers over at MGM. We caught their act a couple of times during the day, and they are totally hilarious.


When we went to WDW in 2004, we ran into those guys in MGM. My brother is a “real” cop and they had a field day with him. They had him up and doing all sorts of stuff in the road and then made so much fun of him for what cops do. Kept telling him he had powdered sugar on his shirt and stuff like that. We had so much fun with them :laugh: .