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came across this check it out and let me know how you feel about this YouTube - Disney Tips



Doesn’t this woman know her ears are on backwards?
Why didn’t someone tell her?

I’m not so sure about her comments on sunscreen. Perhaps it’s better to have the family apply sunscreen in park restrooms. And being a long time Floridian, at this point, I couldn’t care less if some mom has to apply a fresh coat on Billy because he just got soaked on Splash Mountain. It isn’t as bad as being forced to stand in back of a 250 pound woman squeezed into spandex bike shorts and a crop top that exposes her tramp stamp at the base of her spine.

I also don’t know what to think about the “no purse” tip, except that guests without bags don’t have to have their bags searched at the gate and instead can just get on with getting into the park itself.


That was… Interesting.


Soundgod, I couldn’t get over her backward ears LOL.
45 minutes from some of the WDW resorts to the parks?? Where in the world did she stay LOL!?!


She lost me at the backward ears.


LOL! Me too!
I don’t know that those would be my top tips but to each their own!


#1 Disney World is in Florida!!! I hope if you are booking a trip to Disney World or Land or Euro Disney or Disney Tokyo, you know where you are going!!! That is not a tip just common sense, know where you are going.

It is also nice that she thinks that everyone only needs to apply sunscreen once a day. I am so fair and burn so easily that I often need more than a touch up. Yes I use the restroom and my DD help for this so I am sorry if I annoy anyone with this but trust me I an alot happier and nicer when I am not in pain because I am burnt.

Finally she may have missed a prime tip with forgetting to mention ADR’s!!! If she needs to remind ppl that they are going to Florida then she should definately let them know that they have a better chance of getting the resturant and time they want if they make reservations!!!

Besides that it was an interesting video!


who is she and if she is such a Disney expect she should know how to wear ears. Her tips were useless. imo


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1071185]Doesn’t this woman know her ears are on backwards?
Why didn’t someone tell her?[/QUOTE]

Don’t worry, guys… I let her know! :laugh:

Okay, I am at Tip 4 and I can’t stand anymore. Goodbye, “Disney Expert.”


I’m sorry, this woman is a twit. If I had to give tips and could only give five, there are not the ones I would give. Actually, except for getting there early, these are not even in my top 10. I don’t give a hoot where you apply your sunscreen (OK maybe not in a queue), if you need it, you need. What you carry is totally up to each individual. If Mom or Grandma wants to carry a purse, all the power to her. All I can say is, Oh Brother!


Hahaha, this was a litttttle ridiculous. But it was hilarious! I don’t think she really knows what she is talking about. I feel like she just read those facts off of the internet… lol

And maybe she’s starting a new trend… Backwards ears! :blush:


I agree…those would not be my top tips. And of course, the ears!! Good grief lady, you are NO Disney expert! The novice Disney traveler knows how to wear the ears! She strikes me as someone who likes to travel so she went to Disney World a couple times, once on-site and once off-site, and made stupid mistakes so she’s speaking for her own poor planning in these tips.


I turned this on for DD(14) and within 1.2 seconds she said “mom, her ears are on backwards” and walked away!
This expert may have thought she was helping by giving tips but really??? I don’t think I would throw myself out on the internet without watching the video first! Is it possible she wanted to show she paid extra to have her name on them?