Disney to Change Mickey


This is probably old news, but I stumbled across this article today and wondered if anyone else has read it.

One thing that I thought of was that Mickey started off a little on the “edgy” side and later became the super nice guy we all know.

On the other point of the article that Disney is hiring Steve Jobs to revise the stores here are my top 3 points to make the successful.

  1. Start carrying adult clothes items again
  2. Carry some park type memorabilia
  3. Carry some Disney jewelry again



Hmmm, time will tell. I like Mickey the way he is right now, though.


I agree with you.


Ditto to the theme park memorabilia!!!

I would buy a ton of that stuff, and so would everyone else. Lots of attraction pins! C’mon already – the stuff that is in the Disney Stores now has a very, very limited market… basically, little kids. If they’d stock those stores to include everyone else, they’s go back to making a mint!


Interesting article. I don’t mind a Mickey makeover as long as its not extreme. I don’t want to see a 2010 Mickey that looks too futuristic.

I do agree that the Disney stores need to be majorly updated; right now there is no spark or excitment in the stores. They generally look poorly lit and boring.


We definatly need more adult clothing and jewelry!


Thinking gives me a headache


And gets you into trouble…


Seems to get all of us guys into trouble.


You mean that the Disney Stores will start carrying adult clothing, again? It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Disney Store, but I know they sell adult clothing online.


Me too! I don’t want him to change.


I agree! I need more of a selection