Disney to close Pleasure Island's six nightclubs


From the Orlando Sentinel:

The six nightclubs at Pleasure Island will soon shut down, as Walt Disney World redevelops the adult-focused district at Downtown Disney.

BET SoundStage Club, Mannequins Dance Palace, 8Trax and three other nightclubs that have for years catered largely to young, single adults – rather than to Disney’s bread-and-butter family market – will close after Sept. 27. Over the next couple of years Disney will reopen the Pleasure Island area with a broader mix of restaurants and shops.

Though Pleasure Island’s possible demise has been the subject of rumors for awhile, the announcement surprised many in the Orlando nightclub business. Pleasure Island, now 19 years old, may have seemed an odd venture for Disney but it appeared to thrive – so much so that some in the industry have blamed it for accelerating the decline of the nightlife district in Downtown Orlando during the 1990s.

In announcing what they called “a bold new vision” for all of Downtown Disney on Friday, Disney officials framed the Pleasure Island nightclub closures as a response to their customers, who say they want more broad-based dining and retail opportunities throughout the 120-acre district.

“Our bold new vision for Downtown Disney reflects the feedback we receive from our guests each and every day and will enable us to continue to offer the high-quality entertainment that is our hallmark,” said Downtown Disney Vice President Kevin Lansberry.


WOW! I guess it’s a good thing DH and I are going for our adults-only trip in August!


That is surprising to me. I can see it being a positive in the end though.


I’m surprised too . . . but Disney is ever evolving and they seem to know what they are doing! :happy:


Noooooooooooo Say this is not so. We so love PI, and go there at least twice every trip. The only saving grace is that we will be there on the 20th to the 27th of September, so we can say goodbye in grand fashion. We have always enjoyed the night life. Oh well, as they say all good things must come to an end.


I’ve never gone but always wanted to. I hate to see it go because I would always tell the non Disney lovers that Disney has an adult side too. Hopefully they will build something fun.


Well last time we went it certainly wasn’t very busy at all. I guess I can kind of see why they are closing it. I am sure they will still include some adult only things.


This doesn’t make any sense. How the heck can this be true: “Disney officials framed the Pleasure Island nightclub closures as a response to their customers, who say they want more broad-based dining and retail opportunities throughout the 120-acre district.”?? There isn’t enough at DD already?



:crying: First the Jazz Club, now Adventurers’ Club and Comedy Warehouse?

Was planning on going to Mannequins for dancing once I lost enough weight to be able to enjoy it…



One friend of mine said to me in an IM, “Disney denied rumors that the changes are due to a drop in attendance” = “Disney does not want to admit that the changes they made over the last four years drove everyone away from the place”. I would agree. They made it a lot less interesting. But it used to be really cool and I still miss what once was…


We’ve never been! The kids were always too small. Has anyone every brought children to Adventure Club? Is it okay for an 8 year old?


People here are pretty upset. Disney is not promising new jobs for CM’s that work in PI. They told the CM’s in a meeting tonight that they will send as many as possible to other locations but basically to start looking cause there is no way they have spots for all those people. :blush:


I am pretty much in agreement with Chastmastr. We used to go each time we would visit the mouse house, even had annual passes. Over the last few years go less and less interested.


On the flip side, when I found out that my College Program was there, I was crushed. I wasn’t the only one either. It just wasn’t the role for me, but you have no choice on the CP. Luckily I have moved onto more magical things in the parks. So on a positive note, no one will have to go through that again!

According to PI managers I spoke with though, the Cast Members there will be placed in other roles. The work force at PI is really not that big - less than 100. There are some Cast Member who don’t want to work anywhere else, and unfortunately they might leave the company. Disney will do its best to relocate the Cast Members


we’ve never been either.
Guess we’ll have to wait for the new version.


I am going to miss the Adventures club I loved going into the libary … but they are right it was much better when PI first openend and they had the midnight fireworks show … with the PI dancers


Oh no! I’ve been meaning to go every trip, and have never made it. I was totally going to do it this trip!

I hope that whatever they replace it with is cool.


Never been always had kids. Guess we better go on our adult trip on Sept. 8th


I would have liked to have gone to the Adventurer’s Club, but nothing else really interested me- I could do any of that close to home.

We’ll see. This isn’t something I can get too worked up over.


I was going to ask about the New Years Eve party at midnight (11pm) each night!

Last time we were there, we just kinda walked through . . . it had lost a little now that it doesn’t require a ticket to get in.