Disney To Introduce Online Resort Check-in


From wdwinfo.com

Starting in January 2009, guests staying at select Disney resorts will be able to check-in online up to 10 days prior to arrival:

The online check-in will include providing the credit card to be used for room charges, your arrival and departure times, your address, on-site (cellphone) number, names of all guests and your room requests (these are subject to availability and will not be guaranteed.) Part of the process will include reviewing and agreeing to the registration terms.

Your time of arrival will not impact your ability to use the online check-in. If you arrive early, there is no guarantee that your room will be ready. While efforts will be made to have the room available, standard check-in times remain in effect.

Upon arrival there will be signage in the resort lobby indicating where the online check-in area is located

A valid photo ID, which includes a drivers license, govt. issued passport, govt. issued photo ID or active military ID, will need to be shown
You’ll be given a welcome folder containing your resort/Disney World information and your room keys

This online service is for check-ins only. If you need to modify/change your reservation, you must use the same method you used when you booked your reservation.

If you booked either through the Disney Reservations Center or with Disney Cruise Line, you will get online check-in information either via an email, online or with your confirmation documents.

If you booked via the Disney Vacation Member Services, you will find online check-in information on the Member website, the Disney Files magazine and through member services. If you booked through a Travel Agent, you will be able to check-in at mydisneyreservation.com once the program is active.


I like that idea… I always hated checking into the hotel - all that time spent just waiting - (not only DISNEY hotels, ALL HOTELS!)


ehhh, it might be great for business travelers. I like the personal touch when checking in anywhere. I don’t think I would take advantage of that feature.


I like the idea - it would save a lot of time and stress for a mom who is traveling with excited kids who dont want to wait in the lobby! You would still need to pick up keys and such but the initial paperwork (kind of like checking in online prior to boarding a cruise) would be much less and faster


oh wait- I just thought of something-
so are they doing this so that they can cut back the amount of people at the checkin desk? That would make for longer lines for those that dont use this service. It reminds me of the mess of traffic caused by cars that dont have the EZ-Pass


I agree! I need to hear “Have a MAGICAL stay!” :mickey:


I like the idea, but I still like checking in face to face, its all part of the trip!


I have never minded the check in process. Its actually quite exciting. The kids have always wandered around in the lobby, or watched the classic cartoons, and I personally think we have done away with far too much personal contact already in our society.


I like the idea if it means shorter lines. You will still have face time with a CM because you will have to pick up your paperwork. I’ll be interested to hear reviews after some have used it.


This sounds like an interesting idea. do we know which of the resorts will be participating in this? While we like the interaction with the CM’s, if it speeds up the check-in process and gets us into the room quicker and out to a park, the better.


Interesting. Is it weird that checking into the hotel is one of my favorite parts of the trip though? I guess when I get there I feel like it’s finally real! I’ll keep waiting in the lines I think.


I love the check in process too - it’s like it makes the trip official. :laugh: I wouldn’t want to skip it either.


As woohoo says you will still need to pickup your room key (and room assignment). It means less work for the CM when you arrive. Cruiselines have been doing online checkin for several years now, I think it has helped the process.


It really is the beginning of the trip for me. I would not want to miss it, even though last time I couldn’t understand even one word the CM was saying to me :blink:


I don’t know if I really like it. You still have to show ID & get a room assignment when you arrive. It actually seems like extra steps to me, I’d rather just get there & check-in with a CM at the desk. I don’t want to put my credit card number over some on-line check-in system, etc. I’ll just stay traditional with the check-in process. :laugh:

Maybe I’ll try it ONCE and see if I like it but ehhh, I don’t know.


I don’t know that I would either. It takes maybe 10 minutes to check in and we’re off to start our vacation. We’ve never seen a line at check in that was more than one or two families long so we’ve never had to wait.


Besides, a little wait gives us that much more time to soak in the atmosphere and smell the place. They have so many windows, I can imagine that if lines get long, new CMs come along to open up new stations
Of course this is just an assumption, I have never encountered lines when we go.


As others have said, I LIKE the excitement of checking in and talking with the CMs- it really gets me in the mood for my stay!


awesome idea! thanks for the info!


I agree. I have taken my DS and DD alone on trips to WDW. This makes the check in process ALOT easier!