Disney to make Narnia 'Prince Caspian' for 2007



ooh, i can’t wait for this one. i’m almost done with the book and am enjoying it so much!


I can’t wait… is it 2007 yet?


I love all the books. :slight_smile:



That is awesome…the first movie was great!


I am more excited about this movie. I already knew the first story from my childhood. So it was just fun to see it large scale and done right. But I have never read or heard about the other stories, so I am very excited to see them.


Cool news… :cool:

I loved The Last Battle best of all out of the series. I think The Magician’s Nephew was the one I liked the least. Prince Caspian may have been my second favorite of the series, so I will be glad to see it…

But I admit that I am really looking forward to A Horse and His Boy, whenever they get to that! :tongue:


Whoo Hoo!!! I have loved this series since I was a kid!! Ummm…a little kid…now I am a big kid! That is great news!


I have all of the oold movies in the series the chronicales of narnia!!!


I liked the Last Battle best too Goof. Second favorite was The Silver Chair. I hope they do all 7 of the books!


Well hey there Nashville!!! Welcome to DC! I had forgotten about those movies! I did see LW&W–with British actors-right?


Me too. And yes, welcome to DC. Lived just 30 miles from ya in Murfreesboro TN for 3 years. Went to school at wonderful MTSU!


Sounds like the BBC production, in which Mr. and Mrs. Beaver looked rather like American footballs with arms and legs. There was also an animated version of LWW in 1978.