Disney to start charging guests for parking for overnight stays


Just saw this on Chip & Co site. Thankfully, it will not affect DVC members staying at DVC resorts with either points or cash. All the same, this will cut our stays down as we usually add a night or two at a mod or value before moving into our DVC home. I really hope this affects their bottom line negatively. As much as I love going to WDW they are due for a comeuppance.

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I had heard and saw this on a site on FB a couple of weeks ago King. It will not effect me, as my house is only a few miles away, but think it is BS. They are probably just being open about it, where it was probably just buried in the room rate, so instead of raising the daily rates (which I am sure they will do shortly) it just got brokeken out. Sad that Disney is hust nickel and diming its customers and that the quality of the experience is declining.


I agree that it was worked into the room charge. If they raise the rates people do not pay as much attention. Now they are making it a separate charge and while it is their right, it makes them all the more a money grubbing corporate machine. It will further cut into the amount of trips that we make going forward. Now I will just stay with the DVC room and will not look to add any more days to the trip.

I know others that it has them rethinking their vacation plans. It works out then because the people that ir turns away means it does drop the amount of people in the parks theoretically. Of course, it could also push people to stay off property. If you stay at a hotel that is half the Disney rate for a room, then paying for parking is still a cheaper option staying at the non-Disney than staying on property.


People moan and complain about the rates, but Disney is building more and more resorts and not having any trouble filling them. Some people will go off site, and some people will not go as often, but the majority will just suck it up and pay.