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My DW and I have been to Disney world many times, we have never done any of the tours. I went on to Allears.net and read about them but I was wanting the Mousebuzz community’s advice. We will be back in Disney world in May wanted to know what people have thought about the different tours at the different parks.


Keys to the Kingdom is a great tour, fairly inexpensive and takes about half a day. I have done several of the tours including the mother of all tours Back Stage Magic. The Keys to the Kingdom tour was a great first tour for us.
You may want to have your first tour in your favorite park. The last tour we did was the Back Stage Safari tour. By far my wife’s favorite.


I have been on the “behind the seeds” tour and the “around the world at Epcot” both are awesome!!! Especially the Epcot one bacuse you get to use the Segways! It’s so worth the money plus you get a pin that is exclusive to the Segway tour. My boyfriend loved it and can’t wait to go back and do it again!


DW, BFF, BFF, and I just returned from our trip in which we did the KttK tour. Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed in the tour. All four of us are Disney Dorks and know quite a bit of info about the parks so we knew most of what we heard. We had all done some research and were prepared for this. The one thing that we did not know was that the tour only covers Main St. USA, Adventureland, and Liberty Square.

We did get to backstage a couple of times and see the utilidor (VERY small part), which was nice. The backstage part (behind Frontierland) was the best part of the tour! Lunch at Columbia Harbour House was good too! I would say if you have not read some of the behind the magic books or the Imagineers Guide books then go for it! It will be interesting, but if you have read them just be prepared that you will know most of it.

I think that the guide of the tour also makes a difference. Our guide spent (what seemed) close to an hour talking about the 4 principles of working at Disney World. She also told us a couple of things that contradict what we have read in the Imagineers Guides.


We’ve only done the Family Magic Tour which is geared towards younger guests, I would say 8 and younger. DH and I had a blast but DS felt he was too old (9) for the tour and didn’t really get too involved.

We want to try the Wild Africa Trek if they extend it to July.


Have taken the Keys to the Kingdom tour last trip and it was one of our favorite days in the whole holiday! We’re Disney Dorks so did know alot of what our tour guide (Ames) was talking about, but he had so many interesting stories to tell about previous guests, different areas of the park and of course, lots to say about Walt and Roy. What I liked best about it was he made it very personal to him as he’s worked there for so long, starting out as a parking attendent and eventually becoming head of concierge for the Castle suite. The lunch at Columbia harbour house was lovely and we had the whole top floor to ourselves! Maybe it was just us but it did feel like we spent alot of time in the utilidors too and in the backstage areas checking out the parade floats etc!

Its a walking tour of 5 - 6 hours and you go on 3 rides too. Id definalty suggest giving it a go at least once!


I was able to try the Aqua Tour (cut to music: Da da DAAAAA).
It was a hoot. The behind the scenes tour was very interesting and the snorkeling was a blast.

(p.s. Don’t drink the water in EPCOT)


Its a walking tour of 5 - 6 hours and you go on 3 rides too. Id definalty suggest giving it a go at least once![/QUOTE]

It’s was interesting to us that we were there in January (a definite not busy time) and only got to ride one ride!

I would agree with you, I’d say to do it once. Just to get backstage and take care of the curiousity. :mickey:


keys to the kingdom next trip


I’m glad this question was asked. We are looking for ways to change things up a bit to make the next trip more interesting for DS who will be 14 when we go.


Just make sure that you check the minimum ages for the tours before you go. I do know for the the KttK tour you have to be at least 16 years old.


Did the KttK tour with Buzz this month so you can see what he posted earlier in this thread.

Last Sept I did the Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour. This was an excellent experience. This is a very early tour so you may have to take a taxi to the Contemporary Resort and walk over the Magic Kingdom to get there by the 7:45am gathering time.

The neat part about this tour is you’re the very first people into the park for the day (even before dining entrance opens). Incorporated into the tour is a lot of history about Walt and of course the four steam locomotives themselves. You get lots of neat facts and this is a fairly interactive tour. Some guests get to make certain hand signals, flip the track switches and make the “All… board…” calls. You get a backstage tour of the train barn and get to ride the train to the front to greet the first guests of the day at the train station.

This tour also gives you a commemorative pin you can only get by taking the tour. This is all in all a great tour. I do have a love of trains and obviously a passion for Disney, so that may play into it, but I think any Disney lover would gain some new knowledge about Walt that they’d appreciate even without a love for trains. Happy Touring! :mickey:

Also, don’t forget if you have a Disney Visa Rewards card, Annual Pass or are a DVC member you may be eligable for tour discouts. (The Disney Visa card seems to have the best discount about about 20% compared to 10% for the AP & DVC.)


Thanks I never even thought if that. I will look into it before I mention anything & get his hopes up. Oh, do you have to provide proof of age with a birth certificate? I know my avatar doesn’t show it but my DS is now way taller than me (5’10") & looks at least 16.:eek: