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I have found 3 travel agencies specializing in Disney, that have given me cheaper quotes than the Disney site did. They are Small World Vacations, Magical Moments Travel, and Mouseketrips. Has anyone ever used these? Were they helpful, reliable, did they follow through on what was promised, did you have any problems, issues, or concerns, and would you use them again? I just want to make a well-informed decision and thought that before I give my credit card number away I would find out about the company I was using. TIA



Mouseketrips is actually owned by the creator of this site and many of us have used them. I’ve used them twice and they were completley trust worthy and honest and all that good stuff. They even look out for discount codes that come out after you’ve booked that could possibly be applied to your reservation and save you even more money. Both Scott and Keith are great to work with. I have never used the other two but I have heard of Small World and remember hearing good things about them. I have never heard of the other one.


Mouseketrips is very good!


SmallWorld Vacations is also really good. I have used them for two trips and have gotten great service. They also watch for discounts and will try daily if you ask to get you into a restaurant or different hotel that has been previously booked. I was travelling when my 180 days opened and I had sent the travel agent a list of the restaurants, dates, and times and she called and got me into all of them on the dates and times I wanted.

The only negative is that you cannot call up Disney and change your hotel reservation. The agent is the only one that can.

17 days and counting!!


A lot of people on this site have used Mouseketrips since the owner runs this site. I haven’t used them but I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.


I have used Mousketrips personally and booked a cruise and a couple packages for the family I work for and they have always done a great job!


We used Mousketrips for our trip in August, and Keith was very easy and wonderful to work with. Highly recommended.


We used Mousketrips twice in the past and had great service.


Thanks for all the help. This is the first trip that I am planning and I’m being overly cautious. I’m leaning towards mouseketrips or small world vacations. I’m just waiting for an email from mouseketrips with all my requested info on it before I make a decision and put a deposit down.


I hope you’re not waiting too long. I prefer Small World. They both are similar, but small world’s responses seemed to be more prompt overall, and they appeared to have a better process for when your main contact is out of the office, making sure someone is always available to answer your questions and take care of your needs. “Cissy” even gave us her home number and insisted we call it on a weekend when we were approaching a certain deadline.


Mouseketrips all the way!


I have used Magical Journeys several times. The travel agent I always deal with is Terri Sue. She has been great! She constantly is looking for discounts and when one comes out she is on it. She recently booked our December weekend and we got a great rate at AKL.

Highly recommend them!


I have used MouseEarTravel for this upcoming trip and have never been treated so well before.
I look for quick responses to my questions and it seems that they (Christopher) are there day and night. It never takes longer than 30 minutes to get an answer from them. Me likey.

I used them because they bill themselves as Disney Cruise specialists. After I cancelled the cruise and turned it into a WDW trip without the boat, they were with me all the way and always with a smile.


Sometimes Mousketrips can be slow with email. But they give great phone! You’re best off calling them. I’ve had good experiences with them.


Ballpark average…about how much cheaper would you say mousketrips is compared to the Disney site ? The travel agent I normally Use is Carmen Pouza, out of miami, Fl with Southern Travel Agency. I save anywhere from $100-$150 compared to the Disney site. She lets you put your deposit down over a year a head of time, and makes your hotel reservations for you on that same day. She gives you an exact date that she needs your dinner plans by (which is the earliest possible day that disney will let you make dinner reservations…its 180 days i think),and all you do is call her and she makes the reservations. You have to pay it off at least a month before your trip. Its kinda like putting the trip on lay-a-way ha ha. But if mouskettrips is cheaper, I would consider using them.


I think all the agencies have the same prices. They all deal with the same discounts and what you described up there in the way of how it works, all agents will do that for you. So, it’s really a personality thing in the end :wink:


ya you are wright all the agencies have the same prices but they are buying in a lot so in the ticket price they get some difference and so they share some difference with us thats way they sell more cheaper…