Disney travel mugs


In January of this year we were down at WDW and we purchased the refillable Disney travel mugs. We are going back again the end of this month. Can we re-use our existing travel mugs?, ours are the white ones with the Disney characters in blue.




The Disney mugs are only good for when you 1st purchased them and good for that length of stay. You cant re use them trip after trip.


I know the last time I was at Disney I saw people with different mugs from other hotels being used and no one said anything to them. I like to buy my mug and keep one from each of the hotels I go to.


I know a lot of people who take it back on a second trip and use the mugs over again but no can do… it’s only good for one stay. Good news is that they’re not too expensive! :slight_smile:


And now if you are on the DDP you get a free mug per person.


We just got back today and we were on the DDP all week. Nobody said anything to us about a free mug…is this correct?

We saw an entire family filling up last year’s blue mugs at POR this week. It may be true that the CM’s won’t say anything if you do it, but I thought it looked pretty tacky (I think I may have said something under my breath and threw a slightly disgusted look their way :whistling). If your mugs are still the current style, then it’s unlikely you’d have any problems using them, but the mugs are really only supposed to be used on the stay during which they are purchased. Also, I believe they did change the style slightly in recent months. The current ones have a smooth shape and the design goes all the way to the bottom (as opposed to the white bottom that’s indented to fit into a cup holder).


You get a mug if you are on the Counter Service Plan or the Deluxe Plan- not the regular DDP.

I believe all the mugs have been changes and they are all the same now.

The rule is that they are only allowed to be used at refill stations during your trip that you bought/received it on.


Here’s your answer. This taken from the official WDW site…

Valid for Arrivals 1/11/09 - 12/31/09

Welcome to the Disney Quick Service Dining
Plan, which offers an easy and affordable way to choose snacks and
quick service meals at over 50 selected restaurants throughout Walt
Disney World® Resort
. This brochure outlines the details of what is
included and how to use the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan.

Number of Meals During Your Package Stay
The Disney Quick Service Dining Plan includes two (2) Quick Service
Meals and two (2) Snacks per person, per night of your package stay
for everyone in the party ages 3 and over. The plan also includes one (1)
Resort refillable drink mug per person, per package (eligible for refills
at Quick Service locations only in your Disney Resort hotel

I won’t offer my opinion about what you should do while there since this is apparently a very touchy topic, but for the record me & mine choose to follow the rule set listed above. Have a good trip:happy:


We choose to follow the rule too. I think that getting a new mug is fun!


I think the free mug is if you are on the DELUXE DINING PLAN not the regular one.


Deluxe and Quick Service Plans


We never use our mugs on different trips, we always buy new ones… I agree that it is tacky to use old mugs on another trip. The only thing I wish Disney would do is go back to the old way where each resort had their own mug. I loved getting a new mug from each of the resorts that we stayed at.


We just got back from our first trip to WDW and stayed at POP. We purhased the mugs at the POP and only used them there. I was not impressed with people using other mugs such as Typhoon Lagoon. It’s too bad they can’t stop this nonsense.


I second that idea. We loved having all of the different named mugs. As far as reusing mugs we never did (or will), but I see mug war debate rising is ugly head again.


I would LOVE having a different mug from the resorts.


We have alway purchased new mugs, but I always see people using old ones. The last 2 have been the same universal style. I too like the mugs unique to the resort.

I guess it depends on whether you are comfortable breaking the rule, even though it seems the majority of guests do, rather blatantly, it bothers me.


I would love it if they had a few self-serve fountains around the parks so you could use your mugs there as well. Although, that would just open the door for all kinds of rule-breaking madness.

We saw people refilling 20 oz. bottles last time (doh!).


[QUOTE=timkelmom;987456]I would love it if they had a few self-serve fountains around the parks so you could use your mugs there as well. Although, that would just open the door for all kinds of rule-breaking madness.

We saw people refilling 20 oz. bottles last time (doh!).[/QUOTE]

They could do it all they would have to do is scan your Key to the World that would be great.


One time we were at MCD’s in DTD and I saw people filling up their water bottles etc with the water that comes out of the fountain soda machine… I couldnt believe it, I mean just to do it once is one thing maybe but they must have filled up at least 8 or 9 bottles… I really wanted to say something to them but I didnt…


I agree with everyone that you only use the mug for the amount of time you are staying there. As everyone has referred to it as a rule, I truly believe it to be stealing when bringing mugs from previous years. The cost of the drinks is incorporated in the price of the mug. If you bring the mugs back, you have not paid for the drinks. I just believe too many people are out for themselves nowdays, and don’t think about the consequences that lost profits will be passed on to the consumer…us, who follow the rules.