Disney traveling show cancelled?


They had on the news last night that the travelng show that was supposed to be here in CT yesterday with Choo choo soul, Dan Zane, Imagination Movers etc… was cancelled and there were some VERY upset parents who drove long distances to see it only to find out it had been cancelled- according to the news, Disney has not said why the cancellations.

Im looking for a news release for it but im so dang tired I have not found it yet…


Yeah, I saw the advertisement that they were suppose to be here in NJ real soon. Hmm, I wonder why the cancellations.


Is this the Radio Disney show? I went to this years ago and it was fun for the kids, DJs, games and prizes, then they showed a Disney movie. It was held at a park.


i dont think so- this is a show with all of the little music shorts from playhouse disney performing- Ill look and see if I can find an article for it


This is from our local news network

Disney Abruptly Cancels Rentschler Shows
Ticket Holders Say They Weren’t Informed Of Cancellation
Stephanie Berning, Staff Writer

POSTED: 10:45 am EDT August 5, 2008
UPDATED: 7:26 pm EDT August 5, 2008

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. – Performances of a Disney concert planned for Tuesday and Wednesday were abruptly canceled, according to the company.

The Disney Block Party tour was scheduled for performances at Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

The concert took place over the weekend in Philadelphia, but there were issues last month when the lead singer of Barenaked Ladies, which was part of the tour, got arrested on drug charges, officials said. However, they said, the band was replaced by They Might Be Giants.

The tour is hosted by Raven Symone and was to feature the bands They Might Be Giants, Imagination Movers, Dan Zane and Friends, Ralph’s World and Choo Choo Soul.

Disney told Eyewitness News that both shows were canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The company said it learned of the cancellation on Monday night.

Eyewitness News spoke to numerous ticket holders on Tuesday who said they hadn’t been informed of the cancellation.

Tracy Shirer, manager of public relations and marketing at Rentschler Field, told Eyewitness News on Tuesday afternoon that all tickets were refunded and customers had been contacted by 6 p.m. on Monday.


That’s terrible for all of the parents that drove to see this. I would be upset too.


Well, the one I went to was a freebie.
It sounds like the PR spokesperson did a great job.:angry: