Disney Vacation Club Resorts?


Howdy all, we have reservation at Old Key West the first week of October in a three bedroom villa. We are members of DVC, and we have never stayed anywhere else buy OKW (owners there). My question has to do with, should we stay somewhere else next year when we go? I have been to Boardwalk, and it looks fun, and the Wilderness Lodge is great also, and the new beach club would be great, but can you justify spending the extra points to stay there?




I too am a member of DVC, Old Key West! I have stayed at Old Key West, Boardwalk and Vero Beach. I have seen the inside of the rooms at Wilderness Lodge, they are nice, similar in quality and size to OKW. When I have my family, I stay at Old Key West, the rooms are bigger, it is quiet, and the pools are easier to get to. If it is just me and my wife, we always stay at Boardwalk. You can’t beat the restaurants and the night life. I love being able to walk into Epcot in the World Showcase when it isn’t open yet. So nice to be able to look at the lands as you walk by not having to weave in and out of people. The rooms are smaller, but when there are just two of us, who cares? I think the new beach club villas will be great, more quiet than Boardwalk but a great location.

We stayed at Vero Beach in 1999. We were upgraded from a two bedroom to one of the beach houses. If you have never done that, it is not to be missed. Great views and wonderful sounds to fall asleep by.



We love the new villas at Wilderness Lodge. We are new to the DVC program. We bought from a reseller, and stayed at OKW last year, and at the Wilderness Lodge Villas this year. WL is great, great pool, nice and quiet, close to MK. A little more money, but I thought it was worth it.