Disney Vacation Club


We have been invited to attend the “Sea Whats Next With Disney Vacation Club” at Woodfield Mall? As anyone done one of these at the mall? I am taking my two children with me will that be o.k.? Is this going to be high pressure? Because I’m the type that needs to think about it and work up figures before I jump. Any information would be great. Thank you


Don’t worry about the high pressure at all, there is none. I was having Disney withdrawl, so DH took me to Woodfield Mall on a whim, just so I could see what we thought was AKV rooms. Well, they changed them to BLT, and we ended up walking out of there DVC owners. Not from them pushing us at all, just because we were ready, and got a great deal. They are great people to work with, answer all your questions and just allow you to soak everything in if that’s all you need. Once we decided to purchase, it was an easy process and quick. Feel free to pm me for my castmember name who helped us. She is a sweetheart. Make sure you save some time for some shopping also while you are out visiting this way. Woodfield is huge!


I wouldn’t worry about high pressure. We called a guide and requested information but didn’t buy for several years, we were never pressured to buy at any point.


there is absolutely NO pressure,they present,you ask questions they answer ,straight and clear,like a previous post we never got pressured and we waited many years before we bought…something to be said for honest and up front…I only do business with companies that practice this policy the others I will avoid like the PLAGUE


I got the mailing too but have never been to one. I have been by the place at Woodfield many times though.


Go, take the kids. DVC is totally unlike any timeshare sale. Never heard anybody complain of pressure.


Thank you everyone! I just can’t wait to get away for the weekend. We are going Downtown Chicago on Friday my DH is taking our son to Soldier Field for the tour. Son is a big Bears fan! Then on Saturday it’s my time DISNEY here I come! That’s about how close I will be getting to Disney this year! It’s better then nothing!!


Did you have a good time?


They had to chicago is a great town…fantastic city


WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!! The boys danced with thier favorites Pluto and Donald, I danced with Mickey! We had drinks, food and ice cream ! Besides all of that I learned alot and understand . I wish I would have purchased points on my honeymoon in 1993! Thanks for asking!