Disney Vacation Planning DVD host


Does anyone here know anything about the host Luke from the latest DVDs?? :wink: I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a thing. :crying: And, please don’t post about how you don’t like him or anything, 'cause I already get the fact that there’s a lot of people out there who, for some reason, dislike him. :crying: Thanks! :heart:


His “hurl factor” ratings for the thrill rides and his need to add “dude” at the end of every other sentence made me roll my eyes a little at first, but after watching the DVD a second time, I kinda got to like him. He’s adds some fun and a lot of energy to his hosting role. I don’t know if he’s done any work in acting before, but come on, you’ve gotta love that hair. Lol


He looks and acts like he stepped right off of a Dell commercial! :biggrin: :laugh: :wink:


Thank you gurl!! Finally, a fellow Luke lover… :wink: In his defense though, you gotta know that the “hurl factor” and “dudes” had to be from Disney…I doubt he would have thrown those in as randomly as they were. I’m sure Disney had a script. They probably were trying to appeal to us “younger generations”. lol!!! :cool: I totally agree with the fun and energy statement, and definitely the hair!!! :wub: LOL!!! :heart: You have no idea how happy I am to finally find someone who shares my opinions. Also, don’t you think he looks good in polos?? hehe… :angel:… :wub:


I agree, polos all the way! So what if he’s totally scripted, that hair is enough to make me smile anyday. I love when they show Expedition Everest on the DVD and he’s talking in the yeti voice. I think we need to start a Luke lovers fan club! I’m in!


Well…he didn’t make me want to jump off a bridge… :laugh:


uh oh, does someone have a crush? hehe :wink:


I kind of like Luke. He’s annoying but he grows on you. I don’t know of anything else he’s ever done, but, as watchers of Americal Idol may know, Erin from the planning video is now a regular on Fox’s new sitcom “Free Ride”


I SO agree! :wub: And, even though I’ve seen the DVD a million times, I still crack up during the Everest parts. It’s just so funny! Also, I love the hair too…it’s gorgeous! :heart: I’m totally in for the fan club…us outnumbered Luke lovers need to band together! :wink:


Yup, and there ain’t nothin wrong with that!! :heart:


Ok, I admit. I really like Luke. I think he’s very cool!!! I wonder if he works for Disney or is he an actor that they hired just for the video?


Yesss!!! Luke lovers band together! :happy: I love it! :heart:


OMG!! i was trying to figure out where i knew her (erin) from when i saw the “free ride” previews!! that was driving me nutts!!



I wanted to get run over by test track


Only kidding!! :dry:


He definitely grew on me. I think he’s awfully cute. He can stay!


Yay! :wub:


I don’t know anything about Luke, but the main girl on the DVD (Erin) is on a new tv show on FOX called Free Ride.


i hope Erin will stay too.


I think he’s kinda cute myself. Had to get used to him, but I think he’s pretty good for those geeky teens that just don’t want to go to Disney, cause it’s not too cool or something like that.
Disney knows how to sell their wares, they have the market cornered in that field.
I like Luke!