Disney Video Games


Any favorites, hints, codes, likables, ratings, etc. about Disney-related video games can be posted here. :mickey:

I thought it was about time for a thread like this.


At Innoventions in Disneyland, DW and I would sit and play Disney video games for hours on end. My favorite was probably the Disney skateboarding game. It was pretty cool! Also, you gotta love Kingdom Hearts…

Has anybody played the Haunted Mansion? We got it for Christmas and could never get past the first level. Was I just REALLY stupid? :smile:

We used to have Ducktales for gameboy, that was pretty cool.

I can’t remember the name of the Donald Duck game (Goin Quackers?) for PS2 or Gamecube (can’t remember which) anyways, it was pretty fun.

Ok my post is done now! :smile: