Disney Villiage Hilton?


Has anyone heard of or stayed here … DH’s christmas party for his work is this Friday ( its at Wolfgang pucks in DTD and his company is putting everyone up there … I have never even heard of it but its right across downtown Disney …


Yes, I have stayed there twice. It is very nice. At one time it was one of the nicest hotels in the area (back in the late 80’s) until they built all of the Disney properties. Now it is nice a typical Hilton. The last time I stayed there was 2005.Room are a nice size not hugh. They do have transportation to the parks but it doesn’t run but every 30 minutes sometimes it takes longer. I got very fustrated waiting for the buses. The buses do stop at other properties in the Downtown Disney area. One advantage I did like about staying there you could walk to Downtown Disney in couple minutes. That’s a plus when you are going off season and the parks close earlier somewhere to go in the evening. Hope this helps.


It has a terrific Benihana, if you are in the mood for some Japanese steakhouse food!!!