Disney Visa Card Charter Members "Day 1" pin


This randomly popped into my head today and I was wondering if anyone else remembered this or even has this item. I CLEARLY remember receiving a gift after I first applied for the Disney Visa card, it was a small pin in a clear box presented only to Charter Members. My credit card has always had the “Cardmember Since Day 1” printed on it but I can’t find the pin anywhere!!

Does anyone remember what it looked like or what it was? Does anyone still HAVE it? I wish I would have kept it in a safe place but back then I didn’t collect pins so I probably threw it in my desk somewhere, never to be found again. :sad:


I wish I had kept it, I gave it to Nate to trade when he first started trading.

Wasn’t it square-ish with a red background and said Day 1 wuth like party confetti?


I cannot remember for the LIFE of me what it looked like. I remember the color red but I thought it had Mickey on it. This was like what… 5 years ago? :laugh:


I think it did. Now I’m going to have to try to find a picture of it.


I think now we both have to FIND ONE!! :laugh:


Ok, I found the pin!!!

Pin Pics: Pin Groups


OH!!! OK, that looks vaguely familiar. I wish I still had it. :sad: Thank you for finding the picture.


I’m sorry I gave it to Nate to trade but at the time I wasn’t into pins at all, now we have fun collecting them.


You can trade on pin pics . . . you just have to create an acct . . . it says 85 members are trading . . . you just have to hope you have what they want! :dry:


I still have mine somewhere. I will look for it this evening.


Here you go Jess!

Disney Commemorative Gift Pin Visa Day 1 2003 New MIB - eBay (item 150226478206 end time Mar-23-08 11:48:48 PDT)


At the inception of the card, every few month they had a new pin available for purchase. From what I remember Park Hopper bought every one of them.


hehe, whenever I am in WDW or DL I always ask at the big pin locations; “Do you have any special pins for Disney Visa Carholders, annual pass holders, DVC members, etc.?” :laugh: I’ve gotten some REALLY cute ones, especially for EPCOT’s anniversary & YoaMDs. You should ALWAYS ask! :smile:


I have it Jess if you’d like it. I no longer have the box, but the pin has been in a pin book since I received it so it’s in good condition. BTW, there were 6 Visa card pins all together. All very cute.


Jess, still no bids on the eBay listing!!!


I still have mine. Which is very odd for me because I lose everything. But I do still have it.


Daisee just looked at home…the pin is not where I thought it would be. I guess I tossed it during the big move. We aren’t into trading so I guess I really didn’t see the value in it.


Uhh… I’m not done looking yet dear.


Ahhhhh…moms and wives…the finder of all things lost.