Disney Visa Card


Are there any REAL benefits to the Disney Visa card other than the no interest 6 months??? I’ve heard some people use it all the time to gain points. We are heading to Disney in July, but probably won’t be making it an annual thing.:confused:


You can use the Disney reward dollars for purchases at any Disney Store or online (not just theme parks), in addition to using them for Disney vacations and any purchases (including food) at the theme parks. We love ours and use it faithfully!


The interest rates are high, and the rewards low (1%.)

I use mine for the 6 months no interest when I buy DVC points or when they offer bonus (5%.) You can also use the rewards for DVC dues.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;925005]The interest rates are high, and the rewards low (1%.)

Good point! You MUST pay the card off at the end of each month to make it worth using!


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;925005]The interest rates are high, and the rewards low (1%.)

I use mine for the 6 months no interest when I buy DVC points or when they offer bonus (5%.) You can also use the rewards for DVC dues.[/QUOTE]

That’s very true. It’s not a card you want to carry a balance on, I think the interest is something like 10.9% right now.


We’ve had our card for a few years now and the interest rate is only 6%. We use ours to accumulate the points for the kids spending money.


I may have been wrong about the interest rate, I haven’t looked at in in a long time, I was going off memory.


well, I have had the card for 2 yrs now and the truth is that its not that good of a rewards card being that it is only 1%. I think that the best benefit is that you get a special meet ‘N’ Greet in epcot and a free 5x7 picture. which is sweet


Ooops! Please see my other post.


The rewards are not that great - especially if you only have a short time to accumulate points before your trip. If you use it long term it can really save you money on a trip. We have had ours for years and are saving $1200 on our upcoming trip :happy:!


The rates have dropped. Just over 19% for cash advances/9% for purchases.

Like most credit cards - what ever you do DON’T miss the due date. If they jack your rates, it get REALLY ugly. HSBC is the worst - the “due date” changes almost every month as much as a full week. Big “late” charges even though they get your payment before the statement date. It’s CRIMINAL what these banks get away with now.


We use our points to help pay for things while we are at WDW. Both DH and I have one.

We also did the Character M&G in Epcot and had a blast. DS was in a bad mood and boy did Goofy get him laughing. The picture was worth it too.


Only real thing we use it for is 15 -20% off all the tours; quite a savings there. Points are not as good as some other cards for us. It’s also good for some 10% discounts on shopping in Downtown Disney.


I use it all the time. Each time we go to the World, I have usually accumulated enough reward points for at least one VERY good meal.


Also the rewards points don’t expire within a year, they’re usually good for quite awhile.


As long as your account is in good standing.


Points expire 4 or 5 years from the earned date- it is listed on the statement next to the rewards balance.
Also, I think there is a cap on how many you can earn. It was in the initial papers with the card.
That said, we earn enough for our food and shopping annually. We pay it off monthly so it is “free money” for us!
Remember to mention the discount at DTD and other shopping areas though, they usually do not apply it unless you remind them :slight_smile:


I think you can earn $750 rewards dollars in a calendar year.


I only use it to book our trip with (only the $200 deposit) so we can get package discounts that are offered to Visa cardholders first (aka, make sure you get the resort/dates you want!). It’s worth it to me because I don’t use it for anything else and we never carry CC balances.


I have the Disney Visa and find the interest rate HIGH and the points earned low but I still use it as I feel anything is better then nothing