Disney visa & package deals


I believe that I have read somewhere on these boards that disney visa holders were able to get a 4 + 3 deal at WDW. I am not sure if this was available to all disney visa holders or just new card holders. How was this package announced, TV ads, mail? I know that a 5 + 2 package was out there this spring/summer, but of course I would prefer 4 + 3!

I might be able to convince DH if a great deal like that comes along again. We don’t have a disney visa but I would get one to get a deal like that. The Fairy Tale package last year enabled us to do so much more than we could normally do.

Just trying to figure a way to get back to Disney. Thanks!


The Disney VISA deal was only available to brand new members, and the offer was sent in a welcome email. If you joined during the period it was available, you could call and qualify for hte offer.

I do not think it is still available, though you can call Bank One and ask.


Was it advertised like “join now and get this” or was it just a surprise to the new members?

I might hold off joining is there is a chance for another offer like that one. I would sign up for the card just to get the package deal!


It was just like that, join noiw and get this. My wife got the “new” cardmember offer when it was advertised last year and we got the 7 for 5 deal.
It was well worth it. Plus you earn Disney Reward dollars!!