Disney Visa Reward Limit Change


For anyone interested I just got my Disney Visa bill and there was a message on the 2nd page that read…

“Great News! Effective immediately, the Disney Rewards® Program no longer has an annual cap on the number of Disney Dream Reward Dollars® that you can earn.”

I know this won’t help me because we never even got close to the limit before but I figured maybe some on you would be interested because I have seen discussion on this in the past.


i never reach they limit either but that is probably great news to some people.


Thanks for the info!


I never noticed there was a limit! Thanks for the info, now I’m going to check my bill, lol.


Oooh. I like the sounds of that mostly because our next trip is pretty far away and I was thinking we’d hit that limit before we get there again. Sweet!


I don’t get close to my limit either. wish they would raise it from 1% though. I know they have promos sometimes, but I’ve never been offered one, probably because I use my card monthly!


This is a dumb question but…What can you use points for anyways?


If I am not mistaken, you can use them at the Disney Store and at all credit card accepting locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World (this includes resorts). You can also use it to pay for your vacation packages.


They are reward “dollars” that accumulate on a rewards card that is used just like a credit card. As Monique said, you can use the card to pay for meals, snacks, souvenirs, resort costs, etc. at any of the Disney theme parks, and at Disney Stores. It’s worth having a Disney Visa for the reward dollars! :happy:


is the 1% good on all purchases?? even from super walmart??


Yes!!:happy: :happy: Happy shopping.


great!!! thanks for the response. :C)


Here is a link to a site with some good info about the Disney Visa card.

Disney VISA

We used our reward points for souvenirs on our last trip, and plan to do souvenirs and some dining with them this time.

Prezcatz Paul