Disney Visa rewards limit?


Does anyone know if the limit of reward dollars is still at 300?



mine is a limit of 750 per year.


yeah…it’s 750 per year.


What disneylovers5 and rlander said. :happy:
We’ve never made it that high but we’re around $500 every time we go. Great perk, isn’t it??


Great perk!!

I can’t figue out where I came up with the 300???

Is these a limit per “rewards card” maybe?


no- it’s standard. You must have been hallucinating :laugh:


Well…right now I have $450 on my card…so it’s not a $300 imit on the card either.

You just need to change your batteries Buzz!!!


I keep seeing everyone accumulating so much points. I’m so old school. Still write checks for everything so I know exactly how much is in my account at all times. What does everyone do to get their points so high? Do they allow to pay monthly mortgage payment with Visa (and then, of course, pay that in full each month)?


We don’t run the mortgage through, but do everything else. Gas, groceries, all store purchases, etc. Then we just pay it off and rack up the points.



Wish our bank would allow mortgage payments with the visa.


We put everything on ours. If I could put the mortgage on it, I would! I write very few checks now and gain the points from even the basic stuff…utilities, phone, etc.


I just need to pay mine down then I’ll put everything on it and pay it off each month. I think we went a bit overboard with the Disney sales at the beggining of the year…but I don’t need to buy the niece & nephews anything for Christmas or birthdays all this year…along with my DD & DS’s birthdays!


Thanks all.
I guess I do need more batteries.
I am at just around 300 now so I guess I was worring about it.