Disney Visa Rewards Use


First time posting here, so apologize if this has already been discussed. My family and I are headed to Disneyland, and were planning on using our accumulated Disney Reward Dollars on the trip. Has anyone had experience with using the Rewards Card in the Parks for tickets, restaurants, snacks, etc.? I don’t want to transfer all my points to the stored value card until I know I will be able to use them up on this trip. I appreciate any advice/experiences anyone in the forum may have had that would help us out. Thanks.


I’ve yet to use my rewards in the park but I did apply all my points towards our initial trip downpayment to WDW. They send you a “Gift/Credit card” that is swiped. I doubt it would be a problem at all for you.


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I have used my rewards twice and didn’t have any problems. Last summer I used my rewards to pay off part of our room charges. The summer before that I used my rewards to buy a few things. It was easy, just like using a room charge or credit card.


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I have used and refilled my “rewards card” twice, and used it both times in WDW. Both times it was easy as pie to use and I never had any problems at all. My only suggestion would to be to request your rewards card a good time in advance of your trip. Last time I used it, in August, it took nearly 2 weeks to arrive in the mail.

Otherwise, it was like using any other “gift card” type thing. They swipe it and no problems.
I loved using it!


No problems I can report, either!


We’ve used our Rewards Cards several times for dinners, souvineers and even through the Online Disney Store. Just make sure you activate it before you leave. Then you use it just as you would a Visa or Mastercard. Pretty Easy! Also, when you order your card, it’ll take a couple of weeks to get in the mail…I would suggest doing that pretty soon, once you have the card, you just call & transfer earned points (points earned between the time you ordered the card & your trip)to the card and it happens instantaniously. Don’t throw your card away…VISA wants to reload it each time instead of mailing out a new card!!


I’ve used mine at tons of places in WDW and never had a problem.

Even used it at the snack carts.


We used ours plenty of times with no problems on a few different trips. As everyone has said, just order your card plenty of time in advance. You only need to transfer 20 points when you order the card. Then once you have the card you can transfer what ever you want in increments of 10 points and that can be done as an immediate transfer.


another question about the rewards do they expire at any time like before you use them I had read on the visa site that they can expire so many days after you request them :huh: so some one help me out please we are going the first week in March and when should we order the rewards? and when do they expire? :huh:


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You have something like 2-3 years before they expire…I always spend them so quickly that we don’t have to worry about an expiration date! :biggrin: