Disney Visa website problems?


I can’t log on to check my account?? Actually can’t get the page to show up.

Anyone else having problems?



Yep. Been trying since Sunday. Couldn’t get the page to download on Sunday. Yesterday a page came up saying that the site was temporarily down. Haven’t tried today. I need to pay my bill!! :dry:


Just got on. They’ve changed some stuff! But at least I got my bill paid! Woo hoo . . . more reward dollars!!! insert big grin here (my smilies won’t work)


I just logged on through Chase directly and had no problem, I could view my rewards and I was able to view my account info as well. Good Luck!


They have a new website. I love it. So easy to get through and stuff done. Just log on to Chase directly, you’ll love it too…


Does anyone but me think that the rewards are paltry? I mean,1 dollar for every one hundred you spend is pretty chintzy.


It’s better than nothing. We don’t charge a lot but any amount we get is free money to spend at WDW.


I agree, it’s $1 more than what I was getting.


All those rewards are “dinked” on to the charges that the merchants incur when accepting credit cards at their businesses.
So from my business owners stand point, I hate all of those reward cards, they cost me money. From my customer stand point I love getting anything back. I love using that Disney Dollar Card --actually my sons enjoyed using it in 2005 :smile:


We use the Disney Visa for everything and pay off the balance every month. We will have enough reward dollars to pay for all of our food and probably more when we actually go in December. So, yep, it’s worth it for us!


I receive applications for the card all the time and as a whole it seems like the card is pretty weak with a high interest rate. BUT… I still think I will get it just to have it and pay off any charges like Smee57.