Disney Visa


I have the Disney Visa and collect dream reward dollars. Does anyone else here have it?


Yes, I have had it since last May. I redeemed 50 points from my account last September. I am up to 106 in my account now and should be getting another 12 I think the end of this month. Our goal is to save up to the max amount then redeem them and stay at a deluxe hotel that we normally cant afford to.



I just got mine last month…I have about 10 pts coming to me just for this month alone plus the $25 bonus dollars they are giving me for opening the account! Yay! I really like that I can earn some free Disney money just by paying my bills and buying gas and groceries!


I have it. WDWaddict - what the heck are you doing spending $10,000 in one month?? Wanna buy me a car and rack up a few $100’s? :slight_smile:


When I applied for the card I had an upcoming surgery. It was costing me $3000 out of pocket…so of course I used the disney visa. We were relocating our office at work and we had to open up a new office supply account…I volunteered my disney card…and my husband does side work <a/c installer> so when he has to purchase equipment from warehouses for customers he puts it on the disney card then we pay it off right away. Gotta get those disney dollars!!! As soon as I pay off my exsisting balance and I am back to -0- then I think I may start putting our groceries on that card also.


Redo your math, Amneris. :wink: To get 10 reward $$ you only have to put $1000 on the card. I have the card, too!!! Have had it since it first came out so I’ve racked up $$, used them, & racked up more several times now. I’m up to ~$100 right now, & that’s just since May. It’s a great deal…I just put EVERYTHING on the card & then pay it off at the end of the month. My Starbucks bill alone makes me lots of Disney $$!!! :whistling


I have one too, have had it since it first came out last year and I love it! I used my first bunch of collected points last year when at WDW with my 4 best friends from high school - we used them to buy the pictures that they take of you at the end of most of the rides - we normally wouldn’t have spent the $17-$20 on them to get the package where each of us could have them, but using the reward dollars was like have free money! And now we have some really great pictures from TOT, RnR, Dinosaur, Splash, etc!

I recently just used up $116 points at Disneyland buying the 2 day park hoppers for myself and my parents. I felt like I was getting my hoppers at a discount!

The card is great - I have been using it to pay my tuition for my classes and then just paying it off as soon as the bill comes in with the money I had set away already. It is so easy to rack up the dollars!



I have one. Racked up about $210 dollars on it for our last trip in March. I walked around for a week with my card in my pocket, waiting to use it on something tangible, so I could feel like I got something for free. I didn’t want to waste it on a meal or something that would be gone. Of course, I never found the right thing, but it did pay for most of our stateroom charges on the cruise!

If anyone is interested in signing up for a new card, there is a link on the front page of DC, will get you $25 reward dollars just for signing up!


Both my husband and I have one (seperate accounts). I had mine first but signed him up for his own this spring so we could get the 4+3 offer for our August vacation. (8 days from now!!!) Anyway, we have a total of $322 to spend on this trip which will probably pay for all our food or for our hoop de doo show plus a few souveniers.


I racked up 147 disney dollars since my last visit in March :eek: but I figure if you have to pay bills, might as well get something for it. My internet, cellphone, gym membership, and car insurance all come out of the visa. Too bad they wouldn’t let me put my car payments on there too! But I’m paying my tuition with it, and then my parents pay me back, so that’s a nice 23 dollars for nothing :angel: It’s nice to have all the dollars but scary when you think about how much you spend! :noo:


We have it too. I’ve only had it for about 8 months now and I put everything on it, my electric bill, my phone bill, my groceries, gas, doctor bills, dish inc, car insurance and internet. We have over $100. I just ordered my rewards card and it is really cute with Sorcerror Mickey and Pixie Dust with the castle. I’ve gotten $30+ on this month’s bill and 1 more billing cycle to finish up before our trip. So I figure it pays for our character meals we wouldn’t have done on our own.

We pay it off monthly too. I use it like others use a debit card or write checks I guess. I wish they would take the car/truck payments from Visa.


I wish I could put my MORTGAGE on it!!! Wouldn’t THAT be nice!!! :biggrin:


I have it…we racked up about $60 since we got it bring along with us…very convenient!


We just got our reward car with 98 disney dollars, but where can you use them at disney world? Is it only at certain shops and restaurants?


You can use them at all shops and food places in WDW except the ice cream carts and little carts like that. you can also use them to buy passes , at the disney store and at disneystore.com.


Whew, I had to rethink and do my math again…I was like, if I have to spend $10,000 to get 10 reward $ they can just have it back! LOL I only put about a $1000 on it a month…that is gas/groceries/Walmart runs for a family of 4, and a few bills. I would LOVE to put my mortgage on it too, but no such luck…has to come out of my bank acct…bummer!


O.k., I’m confused!! :slight_smile: My math never has been good, but this is pretty pathetic even for me… :wink:

isn’t it 1% back??? so

$1.00 = $0.01

what am I doing wrong??? 8( ???

(The reward dollars come as an electronic “gift card” kind of thing, so you can use the whole amount in one purchase, less than the whole amount and use the remainder on something else, or more than the whole amount and put your own $$$ in to cover the total. The gift card can basically be used anywhere a credit card is accepted.)


I just checked my mortgage. I can put it on a credit card but it has to be with their card :nonono2:


You can use them absolutely anywhere in Disney. All the little carts, the restaurants, the souvenir shops, the dinner shows, you can use them to buy park passes or resort stays. If it’s Disney and it costs money, you can use the reward dollars.


You cannot use your rewards card at the little carts. Anywhere that is set up to take plastic you can, though. We used ours in DL in May & it was great. When we were using it to pay for something that was more than we had left on the card it even did the calculations for us. Great idea putting the $$ on a “gift card” type thing.