Disney visa


not to me yet but 2 people i know well…had their credit lines cut in half and interest rates raised…has this happenned to anyone out there…also I hope disney has its ears to the ground on this one


It has happened to me on other accounts… just remember it’s not disney that is doing it it’s chase that is doing it.


I have heard of this happening to many people I know with many different companies. I have a checking account with Chase and a credit card (sadly not a Disney) and have not had any problems with either.


the one thing …that has always bothered me about putting your name on something you have no control of is…just this,hopefully when disney agreed to partner with chase,just like they did years ago with the disney hotel ,they left themselves room to either leave or be able to bring enough pressures to bear to hopefully not have their many fans abused…i spoke with a friend over at disney and it was relayed to me camcelations are up and besides the obvious reasons one of those was credit line cuts…here in ca they have resorted to time payments on annual passes pay a little now and a little each month…we have two disney cards so far one about 9 months ago was cut,albeit from a very large line to begin with …off to DLR this weekend for 4 days


I have had my Disney Visa since 2001 and have not had my credit line cut but then again I never max out & always pay the full bill each month.


a friend has an account with hsbc …hashad the account for a long time …never carried a balance ever…had his interest rate raised from 7.99…23.99…here is the kicker has no other credit cards …never been late with anything and a credit score of 810…maybe it is because he lives like I in ca,nv or ariz …redlining were you live


well, if you never have a balance and pay it off on time i guess it doesn’t matter what the interest rate is.


ah but yes it does…once they get an inch they go for the yard …the next letter will be cutting the credit line…then that will affect your credit score that others will look at and so it begins …a news agency tracked what happennned to one guy with acredit score of 830…without ever being late or overlimit and carrying no balances within 4-5 months his score was less than 650


but disney knows this also …here in ca they have started a annual pass program that pay a little up front …and pay the pass fee in little increments per month …the reason is the economy and the fact that eople want to use credit cards but a little at a time …so they hopefully will be under the radar…


but you do know your local representative …and senator have your back right…like that airline passenger bill of rights they were going to pass…just like that credit card one also…some wishes never come true…even with alot of pixie dust …now lets get back to fun things …next DLR trip in 3 weeks for 3 days …april hopefully will come fast …already made 3 dining reservations …have to wait for the days to become available …enough of this serious talk bring on the fun and info YEAH


a little off topic, but since you brought it up…

I don’t know why they don’t offer this for WDW as well. We would have loved to purchase Disney annual passes the minute we arrived in FL but at $485 per person x5, it has to wait. Instead, we’re Universal/IOA annual pass holders because we were able to do the monthly plan. We would have jumped on a similar offer at WDW, even at 3 or 4 times the price we are paying for the other tickets. As it stands, though we are minutes from the parks, we won’t be able to go until just before christmas, and I’m pretty sure we’ll just be getting the weekday tickets…


I am sure there is some reason …here in SOCAL our annual passes are a durable plastic card…while AP for WDW are paper which are sensitive to almost any foreign material…getting into DLR is so much faster now …they scan the card bar code style and instantaneously your picture comes up on their screen verify who you are and boom your in…much faster than WDW procedure…and the pass is very durable


I’ve always wondered why our WDW AP’s are paper. They are easy to tear up and then you have to get a replacement. Why not go with the durable plastic and charge us $2 if we have to replace it. I would much rather have the nicer card.


YUK!! but wow I hate to give up those free disney bucks!


didn’t have my disney visa go up but I just got a letter today from Sears telling me that my interest will be raised to 29.9%, can you believe that? I have not had a charge on my sears card for about 3 months and not carried a balance over for well over a year and I can guarantee that I won’t in the future either. Heck, I sure am glad I read this small piece of “junk mail”


I believe that is admistered by chase also…they seem to come in trickles so don’t throw any junk mail away …latest I heard of is if you pay off your balances and don’t charge at least 2400 a year you will be charged an annual fee
…just for having the card

and the white house response is maybe we will put the credit card bill of rights in affect dec1st instead of feb 1st…that will show them …oh well off to DLR in 12 days for another 3 days of R&R


they raised my disney visa apr about nine months ago up 5percent to 14.99 from 9.99 percent.


the sound coming out of washington…is deafening from the silence by all parties involved…let disney run the country and maybe we will finally move forward


They (Chase) stuck it to us as well, we only had a min. payment of $50 monthly. they raised it up to $205. I wish in some way I was making this up …but No!
We let them know how much we love them… :mad:


Just a word of caution and a reminder. You have the right to decline the changes to your card. If you do, you may continiue to pay per the PRESENT terms. (This doesn’t apply to “default” APRs - a favorite trick of HSBC who CHANGES your due date as much as 7 days every month so they can collect a $39 “late” fee even when you never miss a payment.) Your account will be frozen and you won’t be able to use it again.

DON’T pay the account off and close it. This hurts your credit score. Leave the account open with no balance. It counts towards your total used vs total available credit which is a major factor in the credit score.

The Disney Visa is Disney in name only. It’s Chase Bank.