Disney Vs. DreamWorks


i just read this really interesting article just now that i thought you guys might be interested in reading:



Very interesting how they have gone back and forth that way and most of us are none the wiser!!! :glare:


it reminds me of the song from “Annie Get Your Gun:”
anything you can do, i can do better
i can do anything better than you
no you can’t, yes i can
no you can’t, yes i can
no you can’t, yes i can

doesn’t it remind you of that?


Hi all,

The thing about DreamWorks v Disney is that Disney has been creating animated films and motion pictures all the while long. Only recently has DreamWorks and Pixar decided to cash in on this method of making films, that cater to the general public. Of course, the word Disney has been associated with Mickey and it’s easier for the general public to put a resemblance to it :mickey: