Disney Wages


My daughter will be a senior next year and has her sights set on attending college in Fla. She wants to work at Disney to keep herself afloat financially while attending college. I am trying to support her decision but feel that Disney doesn’t pay enough for her to manage. Can anyone shed any light on this subject? Thanks.


I’m assuming this isn’t through the Disney College Program?

That’s going to be tricky… the biggest problem is being able to keep up with her studies as well as work in the parks. Starting jobs won’t be that great… probably food service or ride operator. I have no idea how much it pays, though.

I know several MBers have gone through the college program or work at Disney. (Just a guess… but RowdyRaider might be a good source of information… he seems to know all :happy:)


Yes the wages are not high . . . check out their website: The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies - Careers

They list all the openings and the student programs on their. They don’t pay much but I was talking to someone this weekend and they said the benefits were really good!

Good luck to her.


As someone who has attended the University of Central Florida and worked for Disney for the past two years, I would say this is going to be EXTREMELY difficult for your DD. If not impossible. The cost of living in Orlando is HIGH and UCF is 45 min to 1hr from Disney. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it is HARD. Disney does not work around school schedules very well, and its difficult to get hired part time. I made it work, but I had a pretty sizable savings account when I started, which is completely gone now. If you have more specific questions please let me know, and I will try and help!


Thanks for all of the advice. I will have Shannon read this and post questions if she has any. Having an outsiders point of view is great. She may listen now that it’s just not mom giving advice. Thanks again.


In my experience, any part-time job is going to be tough. A full-time job might be better, but would then really cut into school. I know working for Disney would be great, lots of us have that dream, but there may be other, better options. Disney is going to have such a demand that they don’t have to work around schedules and such where other employers may be more willing to work with her. I know when I was a store manager, I would have no problem working around a schedule for someone who was willing to do the job when they were there! I know retail is not the greatest, but most retailers are used to working with other schedules and don’t have a problem with it. Maybe even a Disney Store.


Its been my life long dream to work for Disney and I’ve done lots of research on this very subject. I even talked to current cast members, former cast members and people that are afficliated with the industry and they all say the same thing; Disney doesn’t pay very much. My greatest conversation was with a bellman at the Contemporary who had been working for Disney for some 30 years. He said the best paying jobs at Disney are the tip positions; especially the bellman positions. You actually have to have seniority to get those positions. I was sooooo disappointed to find out the management positions don’t pay much as well. One cast member told me point blank to enjoy my career, retire and then come work for Disney cause they just don’t pay like other companies.


I was a former cast member at DL, and the reason I left was because my top wage was not a living wage in southern California. I couldn’t have afforded to move out and on my own, even with roommates. I knew management didn’t pay much better.
Don’t get me wrong - I LOVED working for Disney, and I loved meeting people from around the world, but I just couldn’t make it a career.
Like DayDreamer, I’d love to go back and have Disney as a retirement job.


This is mickeyspal DD. I could probably get a job in one of the waterparks. I have the backround. I work in a waterpark during the summer as guest services and admissions.


Actually, I want to go to Full Sail University in Winter Park.