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When I go to the WDW site is there a way to put in the code BPN to price out resorts or is it only by calling I can find out the price ?


I believe you have to call. I tried doing it online, and couldn’t.


For some reason, Disney has not made the packages available on line, you must call. You can check the room only discount on line, to check availability, and you can pretty much figure out the price from that, within a few dollars. Definitely easier to call.


Hi Mickey,

What is this BPN code and when is it good for???



Room-Only Discount Codes

Travel dates: 8/19/06-9/30/06 (may be blocked out at some resorts over Labor Day Weekend). Use code BPN. Discounts are a flat amount off rack rates, per night:

Value Resorts (All-Stars and Pop Century) - $15 off in Value Season; $20 off in Regular Season
Moderate Resorts - $40 off in Value Season; $45 off in Regular Season
Deluxe Resorts - $70 off in Value Season
Book by 8/18/06.


can you use this in addition to the free dining?


I would think so cause it is a room only discount, it did say that these discounts can be applied to MYW packages on Mousesavers.