Disney website


Hi all,
I am just wondering, is anyone able to make payments on line lately?
I keep getting a screen that tells me

[B]Amount You Are Paying Today

Choose the amount you wish to pay today. If today’s date is less than 45 days away from your vacation reservation, you must pay in full.

but then there is no drop down box, it just skips to :blush:

Cardholder Billing Address (etc.)

is it just me? is anyone else seeing this to?


I am not having that problem but then I cannot even access our ressie. I sent them an e-mail a couple days ago and have not heard back yet.


i wound up having to call last week and today to make a payment


I hope it straightens out soon. For both our sakes.


that has always been one of my pet peeves about disney,their phone and internet sites are always down, not functioning properly,being updated …lost reservations…etc…they are so big and they try to merge everything …it never works


:pinch: yep! i agree!