Disney Wedding Music HELP


Does anyone know if there is a Disneyfied wedding march?


Ooh…good question, I would like to know also. When I was at WOD in DLR, they did have a Disney weddings CD that included instrumental versions of a number of Disney love songs. I don’t know if nything would be appropriate for a wedding march, but you never know!


There is a Disney Wedding CD. :smile: But no Wedding march just Disney Music.

Amazon.com: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Music: Disney


Oh I bought that! I love it, I am going to use it at my next wedding!


I hope you and Pluto will be very happy.:smile:


I hope I’m invited to this one. :ninja:


How about “Col (whats-his-name?) March” from the Jungle book?
“Pink Elephants on parade” from Dumbo?

I love a parade.


You will definately be invited! It will be at Disneyland!


That would be Sweet!!!


I would also like to recommend a version of the Main Street Electrical Parade music. For lack of a better description, the “grand orchestra version” on this specific CD (I think it’s the only other track besides the original soundtrack) sounds like it was made for that purpose. Every time I listen to it I think it would be great for a wedding.

Amazon.com: The Magic Kingdom Proudly Presents The Main Street Electrical Parade: Music: Don Dorsey,Paul Freeman,Randy Thornton


The Disney Weddings CD is available at most Wal-Marts.


We got married at Disney and always say that the Splash Mountain song “Laughing Place” is “Our Song”! :heart: :laugh:


We can say “Laughing Place” certainly describes our humble abode.