Disney Wedding - Rehearal Dinner


A friend of mine’s brother is getting married this December at the Grand Floridian. I was talking with the couple the other night and they were a little amazed about all I knew about Disney. After talking with the groom-to-be he even asked me to join them and my friend to go to the Grand Floridian for the taste test and meeting with the Disney coordinator in June. I was so flattered that he valued my input and I barely even know them. I am not even invited to the wedding…lol Or at least as of now. (Unfortunately, I could not get the time off to go anyway). One of the things they wanted help with was planning the rehearsal dinner. The groom’s father is paying for it and knows it will be $$ but he does not want it astronomical. The couple and I were thinking of the Polynesian. Anyone know if they have a separate area for parties ? I also suggested Fulton’s or maybe one of the restaurants at City Walk. They considered a brunch but that wont work out time wise.

So anyone have a suggestion or have info please post. Especially those who have attended or have been to a WDW Wedding.



I was married there in 2003 and we had our rehearsal dinner at 'Ohana. It was amazing–the food and entertainment was great, and my guests had a fabulous time. They still talk about how much fun we had 'til this day!! We didn’t have a separate area though–just a really LONG table in the center of the room set up for us.


Thanks for the info. I think that is the type of rehearsal dinner they want. Do you remember the cost? Did you get any type of discount being that it was a wedding at WDW?


'Ohana sounds like a very nice place for a rehearsal dinner. (But the last time we ate there - nearly a year ago, the service and food quality had gone down we thought.)

Other suggestions would be the Yacht Club Galley, Shula’s Steak House in the Dolphin or perhaps Whispering Canyon in Wilderness Lodge.

(If it were ME getting married at WDW, I wouldn’t care if we ate at Casey’s Corner - as long as we were at WDW - but then I am a little warped when it comes to The Mouse)



Hmmm…we didn’t get any type of discount for it being a function related to our Disney wedding. I do remember that we had between 20 and 25 guests, and it only came out to between $525–$545. I know for a fact that it wasn’t over $600 because I expected it to be (my guests drank tons of cocktails and beer), and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the tab was lower. Disney Weddings can add the bill to your friend’s wedding tab or your friends can pay with cash or credit card right after dinner.

But I forgot to post that I thought it was good that we weren’t in a seperate room. It was fun to interact with all of the CMs and other dinner guests.

Also, if your friends are interested, the Poly will also provide a custom cake for dessert. YUMMY!!!