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I’d like to hear about a Disney Wedding from a guest or the married couple. I’m interested in getting married in Disney World and even though that’ll be a long time from now, I’d still like to hear some details.



I know MickeyMcFizzle had a Disney wedding not too long ago and wrote a great report with pictures! I am not sure where that link is but I am sure she will see this and link you.

I’ve researched Disney weddings because I always wanted to have one. Of course the one I wanted to have would have been in a park & was WAY beyond our reach as far as finances go. I believe they charge a $25,000 fee JUST to secure a park location and that does NOT include the food, or anything else really. You have “minimum expenditures” you MUST meet, like minimum amount of secured resort rooms for yourself & guests, food & beverage, etc. Which can get REALLY REALLY costly.

There are afforadable Disney weddings, absolutely, but we had a choice. Either have a nice Disney wedding and only be able to have around 20 people attend OR have a really nice wedding elsewhere and invite everyone we wanted to (like 130 people). :laugh: We chose the latter but I am definately considering a Disney Vow Renewal Ceremony for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Here is their official link:
Disney Weddings > Gateway


Oh alright, cool :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve been looking at my dream wedding on the Disney site and I don’t know what I’d do, but I’m almost positive that’s where I want my wedding. I couldn’t invision anything less. Luckily for me, my current boyfriend loves Disney World. So hopefull he sticks around:laugh:

That’s so sweet! That would be a great alternative for a Disney Wedding!:wub:


McFizz’s TR will probably give you all the info you need! She had a gorgeous wedding at the Yacht and Beach club I think.


I agree with Wish and Bella…McFizz’s TR is a great place to start! I have also attended a few weddings at DLR and they were wonderful!!! The brides, and their grooms, were all very happy and said that the Disney wedding planners were amazing!!!


Just saw this thread!

My Disney wedding was perfect. Absolutely perfect down to the last detail.
I cannot say enough good things about the event planning team.

It can be very affordable, or very expensive, depending on what you want.
We paid about the same for a wedding in Disney for 50 people that we would have paid for about 150 people at home. But we wanted a small wedding, and we got exactly what we wanted and more.

The entire planning process was smooth, and there are many customizable options to suit your taste and budget.

You get assigned a wedding sales coordinator first who takes care of the initial contact and venue selection, as well as deposit. Then you are assigned a wedding planner. This person helps you make all the decisions about your day.

We loved both of our people.

And on the days leading up to the wedding, and the day of - wow. They are like a well-oiled machine. My day was perfectly stress-free and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

My family also said it was the best wedding they had ever been to - the ceremony was perfect, great food, the DJ, photographers, and hall decor were unbelieveable.

Sigh - just thinking about it makes me miss it!

We had our ceremony at Seabreeze Point (that cute little pavillion on the water, right on the Boardwalk), and our ceremony was at the Boardwalk Hotel.

Our pictures were taken all around that surrounding area.

PM me anytime if you want to chat about Disney wedding stuff :slight_smile:


I should also add that there are a few different levels. They may have changed a bit since my planning days, but I believe there is an intimate, and a custom option.

Intimate is 18 or less people, and I believe the minimum is about $5,000 and includes a 4 night stay for you. But no receoption, etc. You can add those on though.

The custom starts at $10,000, for weekdays, and double that for weekends. We did a Monday, because when your all on vacation together, who cares what day of the week it is?

I know it could easily get very expensive, but honestly, for what we had and how beautiful it was, we didn’t pay an arm and a leg.

I guess what I am trying to say is, its doable. You just need to be flexible.
Its Disney. Even the bare minimum is awesome.


That’s very true! If I could go back in time I think I would have opted for the less amount of people & getting married in Disney than the big fancy wedding we had with 150 in Palm Beach. To be frank, about 1/2 the people we invited we’re friends from college, co-workers, etc… that we hardly even keep in touch with anymore at all. We could have easily cut our list to the “most important people” and had the Disney wedding. Aye… shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’. :closedeye :happy:


Now you have a reason to do a vow renewal :slight_smile:

My DH is a bit shy, and he has a very small family and small group of friends.
I have a ginormous family composed of many Italians on my dad’s side, and my mom’s 9 siblings and spouses, 33 first cousins and their spouses, plus my friends from my 3 schools, and my many same-aged coworkers…

It was going to be crazy, like probably 300+ people. And 90% of them would have been my side. DH was not digging that. It would have been awkward.
It was much better for us to do it the way we did, and I got to live my fairytale.

I already told him to expect a vow renewal! lol


I think the least expensive is even less than $5000.00! It’s $4000.00 if you have the intimate wedding at the venues offered unless you opt for the Wedding Pavilion:happy: Then the minimum is $5000.00:heart:


what exactly would you like to know? I got married down there almost 4 years ago and can help you out. you can either PM me or e-mail me for questions, comments, concerns, etc. my email is mmcm0312@yahoo.com.


Hey, I didn’t know that! Cool. We have a common experience :slight_smile:
Where did you have your wedding?


I think my family would die if I said i wanted to get married at Disney. Thankfull we can’t even afford it haha. Honeymoon, sure. I’d have to land a man who’d wanna do that, though! They’re hard to find. =(


[QUOTE=MickeyMcFizzle;848095]Hey, I didn’t know that! Cool. We have a common experience :slight_smile:
Where did you have your wedding?[/QUOTE]

my wedding was at the wedding pavilion. prices have changed since i got married, in 2004. the wedding pavilion is a beautiful place to have your wedding there, if that’s one of your choices for locations. we had about 30 people attend our wedding and it was still magical to have the ceremony at the wedding pavilion. again, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., please feel free to give me a buzz.