Disney Weddings


It’s on WE network now Eastern time. Loving it. Only 5 mins into the hr long program!


Ooo! Thanks! Nothing on TV tonight…I just set this up to DVR. I may have missed a few minutes, but at least I’ll have a little bit of interesting television to watch when the kids are in the bed.:happy:


I can usually count on my youngest 5 & 4 wanting to watch some of it with me, but sometimes I want to enjoy it by myself:laugh:


Maybe I will have a Disney renewal or wedding someday.


Started watching it. They said a “Wishes” wedding they were showing was going to cost approximately $30,000. I LOVE Disney, but I couldn’t help but think “that’s a down payment on a house!”


Depending on where you live that might be the actual cost of a house. LOL, I tuned them out for that, all I heard was 5,000 for a cheap wedding. Even a cheap wedding at Disney has to be nice. Plus it would be a renewal unless he dies and Prince Naveen sweeps me off my feet then it’s a wedding.:laugh::laugh::laugh:


DW and I looked into a Disney Wedding but it was just so ridiculous. The price for such a small wedding. About 10 days instead of a wedding was a great plan! We got to do several of the things not in the park and really enjoyed it.


wow :ohmy: thats crazy! when I get married I want to take my honeymoon there, but with that kind of bill I dont think I will get married there!


Love to watch this when it is on:happy: Disney was so amazing and made planning our wedding so easy! Our coordinators were great and everything was exactly as we wanted.:wub:


Us too Peppertink. They were the best! Disney’s wedding coordinators were above and beyond awesome :wub:


I almost used their services in December as a renewal since I knew I would have family there, but it’s year 6, so I figure maybe year 7 or 8