Disney with a 3 year and a 9 month old


Is there anyone out there who has attempted this kind of adventure? I have a 3 year old, and if we decide to go, what will be a 9 month old. We were thinking about going in June. My question is, Is DisneyWorld a sensible vacation with myself, wife, and two kids? If anyone has taken a similar adventure to Disney, please give me your opinion. Thank you in advance.


First Welcome to DC…I did go to WDW once with my youngest right after he turned 4. It was good…he enjoyed it a lot but did need some breaks during the day. It was in November so the weather was nice which I’m sure help a bunch. Sorry I can’t relate to going with the 9mo…I’m sure by then you will have a good handle on how your baby may do. Maybe try a day trip somewhere before making up your mind just as a test. To see how both you and your kids will do. Hope this helps you.:smile:


In my humble opinion, families like yours deserve a medal for doing trips to WDW or any other parks. I know the magic of Disney is strong for the young ones, but its ALOT of work. I am one that thinks 5-6-7 years old is a great time for Disney. I applaud all who go with really young children, but I myself could not do it. Have fun!! :happy:


After just getting back from WDW, I think the best accessory you need to bring with you is a grandparent. I saw several families with Mom had the kids, Dad had the strollers and diaper bags. I think it may depend where you stay too. Getting on and off the monorail is a whole lot easier than the buses.


welcome to DC! Now this topic always brings many many different opinions , mostly great and helpful but some quite the opposite! So firstly can I just say ’ keep your mind open, listen to advice given but don’t get upset if you hear what yo don’t want to hear! ’ :happy:

My DH and I have been lots of times on our own but this year was the first time we came as a Mom and dad with our DD. She was 21mth at the time of travel and we toyed for weeks about whether or not we were doing the right thing ( esp with a transatlantic flight included! :eek: ) buteventually decided that we would just go with it and hope for the best. I am glad we did. Our DD had an absolute blast! she recognised all the characters ( more so than her daddy actually LOL!) and her smile was to die for. We took regular rest breaks and had days off where we just longed around the resort etc.
We had endless character meals too ( DD fave being chef mickeys!). We took so many photos and brought her a album for the pictures which we look at daily even now. It is amazing what these little tots remember!

Only you know your children and their capabilites, strengths and patience thresholds to date! I am certain you will all have a wonderful time as long as you remember not to push each other too hard and take plenty of breaks. It’s a magical place.

If I can help in any way further please PM me.



We have done 14 mos (DD) and 3 years (DS), and 2 years (DD) and 5 years (DS) and this January we are doing 17 mos (DS) 5 years (DD) and 7 years (DS). The first two trip went really well. I can’t comment on the third since we wont be back for another month.

My advise is (1) take your own strollers, (2) go at their pace, (3) when they are sleepy go back to the resort or if you are like us an refuse to leave the park then use that time to people watch, walk around, or see a show.

To us it was not hard, but any aggravation was outweighed by the happiness our kids brought us.

Also, welcome to DC.


I’ve done Disney twice with young children. First trip was with a 3yo & 13 month old. Last trip was with a 4yo, 2yo, and 10 month old.

The trick is to go at the kids’ pace. Realize you aren’t going to see/do everything you would without children. Take lots of breaks. Have a comfortable stroller for BOTH kids–your 3yo WILL use it. Bring plenty of juice & snacks in the diaper bag.

On both trips, we found the younger one easiest, as they tended to just fall asleep in the stroller. The older kids had a harder time resting with all the stimulation, and that made them cranky at times. When you sense your kid is on the verge of a “melt down.” It’s time to take a break back at the resort (We’ve even just gotten on the monorail and let the kids fall asleep as they would in a car.).

Also, don’t plan on going to the parks every day. Have rest days schedule into your itinerary.

Disney with kids helped us slow down and begin noticing the little things at WDW that you tend to miss as “Park Commando” adults.


Welcome to DC!
I personally have not attemped going with 2 children, but many others have has success at this type of adventure. Hope you find any and all the information you would like here at DC. Jump right in and ask any specific questions.


We just came back for a week at WDW with my DS 3 1/2 and DD 13 months. We were lucky because we were able to have my Mother as well as DW’s parents.

We did parks everyday. The 13 month old wasn’t a problem at all. The 3 1/2 year old wasn’t necessarily a problem, but it was most certainly overwhelming for him.

We brought our own double stroller, which can be a pain on the buses, but we couldn’t have done the trip without it.

Do the character meals. We did 5 (2 breakfasts and 3 dinners). My son didn’t eat much (actually he never eats much, but he took it to a new level at Disney), but that was the only way he would meet the characters. He would not go up to any at the meet and greet in any of the parks. But when the characters came around to our table at the meals he was great.

He loved the slow rides (Buzz, Small World, Peter Pan, Adventures of Pooh, etc…) as well as the safari at AK and all of the parades (when we had the front row). We also spent of lot of time in the kid playgrounds (Winnie the Pooh park at MK, Honey I shrunk the Kids at MGM, the Dinosaur park in AK) he loved the water at Epcot that shoots up in the air.

The saying goes, only you know your kids, but keep in mind that they can surprise you. My son LOVES Buzz Lightyear, but would not go anywhere near him at the character greeting spot. The fireworks also scared him, mostly because of the loud noise they make. A lot of the food he would normally eat at home, he wouldn’t eat there. He ate baby food bananna’s, french fries a few corn muffins at the meals and not much more. That was the biggest issue we came across, but we were able to exhaust him enough that he would sleep through the night.

Get a fridge for your room ($10.70/day with tax) and the porta cribs are no charge (at Disney resorts). Also the only other issue we had was no detergent to be found anywhere for cleaning the bottles. Bring a small bottle with you to clean the bottles in your hotel room sink.

All restrooms (men and women) have changing tables and there are baby stations around everypark that are have some more ammenities that just the basic changing table in the restroom.

I would like to have waited to our kids were older, but this year worked out great for us. My inlaws are getting older (MIL rented a scooter) so in a few years they would not go and DW is a school teacher, but is still on maternity leave. Price wise it worked out great.

I’m glad we went even though it was a bit more work than I would have liked. I’d do it again though.


Welcome to Disney central. Pleasure to have you here with us. You are in the right place for all answers regarding anything disney. A trip with two young ones is very doable. Here’s the key though: Take it slow, take breaks at your resort every single day around lunch time, and definately do the character meals. I would go to the parks right when they open and tour all the best attractions especially in the magic kingdom park, take an afternoon nap or pool break and then do some shopping or visit epcot. Stay on your child’s normal schedule and don’t do the park commando style. You will enjoy the trip so much more this way. ASk any question you can think of. Someone here has the answer.


Oh! Oh! Oh! Handicap just reminded me–preping your kids to meet characters 101:

First, start telling your kids that they will be meeting “big” Mickey (or Buzz or whoever). Let them know in advance the characters are people size. Show them pictures of people with characters (Check various Disney sites for these, including www.allearsnet.com)

Second, visit Chuck E. Cheese. The rat comes around in costume every so often. While there is nothing magical about the grimy rodent suit which hasn’t been laundered during the last 100 snot-covered hugs, it will at least prepare your children for interacting with the good costumed characters at WDW.


ooooo yeah the baby stations!!! These places are an absolute god-send. They have everything avail that you might need from spare diapers, food, soothers, medicine, breast feeding rooms, highchairs, change tables, tv room playrooms the whole lot!! Amazing. I have never in my wildest dreams been anywhere that caters for the ‘parent/carer’ so much. Disney have thought of everything. The worst of these rooms though was at MGM as it is on a much much smaller scale to the other parks and therefore gets a wee bit crowded at times ~ having said that though I cannot complain as it served it’s purpose well and I wouldn’t have been without it.


Thank you everyone for your thoughtful, honest, and detailed replies. I appreciate the advice, and the more my wife and I discuss it, we are starting to believe waiting a year might be the best way to satisfy my oldest daughters desire to go and ours. Again thanks to all of you for taking the time to help with our planning. I look forward posts in regards to our future trip to Walt Disney World.


Mickeyman, if you wait a year, your youngest will be about the same age of my youngest on his first trip(which was about a month ago). I thought he did very well, he loved to look at stuff, loved the characters, and he could ride some rides- Buzz Lightyear, TTA, Indy cars were his favorite. Just make sure you get a really good stroller(one that lays back,has a nice basket and folds up small for the busses)and take it with you. Just remember you have to take it at their pace and keep them comfortable and hydrated. We can’t wait to take our little one back(along with his big brother and sister)- you will have a great time!!