Disney with Girls - Looking for Input


To a wonderful surprise, good friends of mine are going to Disney for their first trip, and have invited their Mom, her best friend, Aunt and ME!!! I will be their official “tour guide.” So, the pressure is on. I have teenage boys, and can tell you everything you want to know about how boys handle Disney. But, have not a clue about girls, ages 5 and 6. I decided to go to the professionals…YOU! My fellow Mousebuzzers. Please start posting must dos, tips, tidbits and anything else you can think of to make this whole trip totally awsome for their girls. I’m going to compile the infamous spreadsheet of everyones input.


Oh, by the way, it’s in the middle of October. So, I have a trip with my family in September, and then I get to go back in October. Whooooo Hooooo!


In my opinion, CRT for breakfast is a must do at least once for little girls!! It is expensive, but worth it. I pay out of pocket instead of using DDP for that one. The fairies that were in toontown , not too sure where now, are worth the wait in line also. The line does get long, so you may want to go early. The princess line at the same place is usually much shorter.
My daughter, now 8, loves Figment in Epcot and the Muppets in Hollywood Studios, I can not even tell you how many times I have seen both of them!!
If they are willing to splurge, Bippity Boppity Boutique was a really fun experience 2 years ago for my daughter. We did the one in the castle. We will probably never do it again due to price and the summer heat(with the make up and dress), but she loved being a princess for a day!!
Hope you enjoy your girls trip!!


I just happen to have a girl, so I can chime in! lol My DD, even when she was little, enjoyed pin trading. Since you are going in October, do go to the MNSSHP. My Dd LOVED that as did I. Another consideration would be Bfast or dinner with the princesses and possible BBB (little expensive if you ask me, but it’s an idea). DD also loves the shops at the world show case…specifically Japan and China. Touring with gilrs really isn’t different…you have to let them guide you and see what they enjoy. Since they haven’t been there before, this will all be new to them. Let them experience all the headliner attractions they are willing to ride/see to ensure they get to see the best WDW has to offer. Don’t forget to smell the roses and let them enjoy all the little things too. I love taking first-timers…so exciting!


We took my friend’s 5 year old girl for their first trip last summer, so I have some experience with this!

We booked the BBB and she loved it! We bought a princess dress before we went (you can get them at Walmart or Target and they’re pretty nice ones) so that cut down on the cost a lot. We just bought the package with hair, makeup, and nails. Afterwards, I highly recommend going to the photo shoot. If you have a photopass, you can put all the pics on that instead of buying them there.

We went to MK two days early in the morning. Once was to get Fantasyland accomplished before the lines got bad and the other time was to meet the fairies before the line got bad. I’m not sure where the fairies will be when you go, but I would highly recommend doing them first thing in the morning.

We booked a princess breakfast at Akershus. It’s cheaper than CRT and Emma loved it (and she never knew the difference because we didn’t tell her she could have eaten in the castle). The character interaction was great and I love the food there for breakfast.

Each day we had a surprise for Emma when she woke up in the morning. It wasn’t always something huge, but just a little something to get her excited for the day. We booked the princess breakfast the day before the BBB, so on the morning of the breakfast we surprised her with her dress so she could wear it to breakfast. I would definitely recommend getting a princess dress for them to wear to the breakfast. Almost every girl was in one and I know it makes them feel special. We didn’t tell her about the BBB, so that was a surprise for the next day. You get the idea. Just keep a few little secrets to surprise them with.

That’s all I can think of for now. Otherwise, just remember what it’s like to travel with little ones. They do have meltdowns and do need breaks in the middle of the day. I was prepared for this, but it’s still a totally different way to travel than when it’s all adults.


I have a DD and can chime in here too. I would highly recommend CRT. It is expensive but my DD loved it. She loved eating inside the castle! We also took her to the Princess Tea at the Grand Floridian. She got a ‘Disney’ version of the American Girl doll. Now that was very expensive but I am glad that I did it once. She loved the storytelling with Belle.

Now my DD is 13 and wants to do all the big rides. They grow up so quickly!


My DD loved 1900 Park Fare dinner, Cinderella, Prince Charming, the step sisters and Lady Tremaine. You can’t go wrong. Besides that my DD is a thrill seeker so she’ll do whatever the boys do. She did like when we went to Tinkerbell’s Treasures and a man woke up Tink for is daughter who didn’t go on the trip with him. He had asked my daughter to help and both got a certificate after. I know that Tink’s treasures has closed and became part of Castle Couture but if they still do it it was great.


Jeeeez… I get to be the first guy to post on here … :laugh:

1900 Park Fare for dinner was a hit for us ( Wife, Daughter, and Wall ).
We enjoyed the wicked step sisters … they danced with our DD and we all like the smugness by the Step Mother.
We also have to do the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique when there as well … I know the DD likes to get all doll’d up and Mommy & Daddy enjoy watching her.
You know the feeling you get that outsiders to WDW don’t get !!!


Saw princess dresses at my local wallmart in their barbie section…VERY affordable and cute to boot~


As the mother of two girls, I can chime in!:closedeye The options are limitless, of course. And of course it depends on what their mother is willing to pay. There’s the Bibbitty Bobbitty Boutique, the dresses, the tea parties, the Princesses and their assorted meals. Do they have a favourite princess? Or are they not interested at all in that? My two are night and day. The youngest one would still buy a Princess dress and the older one could have cared less.

At the minimum I would plan for one special Princess meal. The maximum - well, the sky’s the limit. Sit down with their mom and discuss it - see where she stands first; explain how the meals work, the cost of the Princess dresses and accessories, what a visit to the Boutique involves and let her decide. Then go on from there.


I guess you’re more in touch with your feminine side than the rest of ‘us guys’. Watch out for Boss though. He might attempt to make you join the TUTU Club. :laugh:


Well he can’t have mine … er’ I mean … I’ll be on the lookout !!! :laugh:


Ooh yes CRT a must do for all Princesses in waiting! And our DD was too old by the time BBB was launched but a few years earlier and that would have been on our ‘to do’ list.


If you wait until Halloween season you can get much nicer princess dresses at Disney stores for around $30. These are far superior in construction
to the ones at Walmart and will last longer for playing dress-up.


Great input everyone!!! I did mention to them about CRT. Their Grandma already made the ressies. There will be eight of us, but couldn’t get a table for that size, so booked two tables of four. Hopefully we can get close to each other, but I’ve warned them there is a possibility of not. They are okay with that.

Definitely did mention them needing to bring princess dresses. Got that idea from the many trip report pictures.

Thanks for your help everyone. Keep the ideas coming!


I also have 2 daughters, so I’ll give my two cents as well, although you’ve already heard so many great ideas. Most of them I would second. :happy:

A great place to get very pretty princess dresses is to order them from the online Disney store. I’ve gotten some great deals on dresses that I thought were prettier than the ones we saw at Disney World. My girls wore their dresses to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and got the least expensive package. I believe it included only hair and makeup. We’ve done BBB at both World of Disney and in the Castle. When we finished at World of Disney, they directed us to a spot where we could have Photopass pictures made. That was about 5 years ago, though, so I’m not sure if they still do that or they just try to get you to buy the package that includes a photo shoot.

I took both of my girls to the Perfectly Princess Tea Party at the Grand Floridian Tea Room when they were 7. As was said before, it is pricey, but the girls and I made very special memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world! I highly suggest the Tea Party if it’s in the budget.

I know the ressies are already made, but I will just add that the princess breakfast in Norway is our pick for princess meal.

Happy planning! I hope you have a wonderful girls trip!


Quick note. When we have traveled in a large group we would arrive 20-30 minutes early, stop at the desk, and ask if they could put us together at one table. With enough notice they have been able to accomatate our request. One time we were asked if we could push our ressie time another 20 minutes beyond the original time. If so they would be able to seat us together. We agreed. Give it a shot.


Main Street Barber is an alternative to BBB! They do ADORABLE hair styles for $8! Colored gel and LOTS of Pixie Dust!! Cheapest thing on property and everyone loves it! :wub: (Boys can get it done too!)

My girls LOVE Pirates, and I know the Pirate league for a limited time (until July) is having a Mermaid Make Over - maybe they will extend it for your trip? You can also meet Angelica now too. :happy: And my parents, just returned from a trip last weekend, said the whole Pirate area had been renovated and looked GREAT!

DD after her Pixie Dusting!


I would say anything princess-take time to se them in the parks. Cinderella taught my daughter how to sit like a princess, and she still remembers it 8 years later… See the parades, see the castle show. Be on the lookout for Minnie, daisy, Marie, Jasmine, other characters from other MOvies that are girly…

For you it will be fun, because you are seeing things that are not normal… for boys anyway…


I know that Dining with the Princesses is truly a dream come true for most girls.:wub: Also Fantasyland is a favorite but it all depends on the girl. Some really like animals so some attractions in the Animal Kingdom would be more likely to catch their interest. But some don’t want to get wet so some rides are out of the question. Also be sure they know what they are getting into when they step on some of the “scarier rides” (i.e. Tower of Terror Space Mountain).