Disney Wonder Feb 23, 2017 ...you hear a crowing echo coming from the ectoplasm


Chickens don’t fly, we cruise baayyybeee!

So because of brood mastery and full test chicken feed she who has been hatched is ready to strut her stuff. Yep, Chick Bantam is the Valor Victorian of her HS (we’re number one! We’re number one!)and has a full ride to college! I know I know, the same squirrely pan picker that got mad at us for making her ride Space Mountain because she was tall enough. Well, she has forgiven me and is quite the ruffled feather of excitement about leaving the nest.

And so are Mrs Bantam and I. Now don’t get me wrong, I mean sure, we will miss her. Surely. But there are only so many things you can adjust to before you lose your mine and teenage chicks just sorta rearrange every…:wacko: But I digress. She has got to go. And I mean that in most positive way it can be interpreted.

Its amazing how many Disney rewards bucks you can earn when a child who loves her parents doesn’t actually want to be seen with her parents. So this cruise is on Mickey! Just me and Mrs Bantam…awww yeah…:heart::rolleyes::heart::blush::wub::ohmy::heart: Cow chicken brown cow.

Its been a while hadn’t it?


So… The Mrs Bantam, my Chick-type sweetness of 23 years decided that there was Nooooo way we were gonna be happy getting up before Crowing time to get to the boat. We would be plumb tuckered out and that just won’t do. They say the first hours on board would be good for pick’n at the bread pan and kick’n outdoors. You know checking the float coup. Find’n the path through the thicket and what not.

So that means a one nighter closer to the port. Mrs. Bantam said hit up a Value resort at the World and we drive the hour long that next morning of embarkation. Eat at Disney at a resort and take the monorail to get us in the mood. Yeah that sounded good but the rooms of value were all booked up. Gone. The next step up in price ran in the 2 benjamins per night cost so no Disney for us. Not yet.

We did get a hunard dollar room at the Carlson suites one mile from the terminal that had a 3pm check-in which was pretty good and a 12pm check-out which is awesome seeing hows Me and the Mrs Bantam is first time cruisers on the DCL and that probably means our check-in reservation thingy to the boat will be later than some.

A look see at the interwebs says there things to do and a TIKI bar restaurant in the harbor. We -heh- heh- hello…Looks like a blessing in disguise!

Oh and hey I got one of those rare special rooms where the navigators veranda is an actual veranda with partial obstruction. Veranda Room on the cheep! Ha! Mo money for the umbrelly drinks! Woot!