Disney won't take my money?


Okay, so a week or so ago I called WDW to make a payment on my hotel for next month. I had booked online with the AP discount and there was no place to click to pay. So I called and was told that my payment was due on arrival. I know that, I said, but I want to pay it off now. You can’t do that, is what I was told. Have you ever heard of WDW actually refusing money??? I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to get that payment out of the way, and they wouldn’t let me. :angry:


I would call and get a different person. I paid for my trip when I booked and it’s not until August!!! They took my money no problem. haha. Defiantely call and talk to someone else.


There has to be some sort of mix-up? Why would they refuse to take your money. That is just crazy!
But if they dont want it feel free to send it my way. I promise I wont refuse it… :angel:


Sounds like you got one of those CM’s who don’t have a clue. I agree with Wish: call back and get someone else.


I have no idea if this is the case, but is it because you booked through the AP program. Maybe if the price drops they don’t want to deal with owing you a refund??

Just a guess…I really have no clue. :mickey:


Nope. One of the rules of the best rate program is that there is a one night deposit due at booking, and the balance cannot be paid until check in. It isn’t that they don’t want your money, they system won’t allow them to take it until you check in. I am not sure if this is because the price could drop or what. I know it is strange, but don’t worry about it, that is how it is for everyone.


Thta’s really weird. I would call back like everyone else told you to do.


Awwwww…queen beat me to it!! LOL!

Hey Wish–I am loving all the avatars!!


The same thing happened to my IL’s- We all paid for our trip, but when they went to pay for theirs they weren’t allowed. By the way, we are going the same week!


I had the same thing happen to me in October. I also don’t like the idea of waiting until checking in to pay the balace. I like everything prepaid or as much as possible anyway. Reason #12 I’m not renewing my AP…lol


Send the money to me. I’ll take care of it for you. :tongue:


In the year 2000,I stayed at the All-Stars for one night for my birthday. I knew I would be at Disney before my birthday so I waited to pay my deposit until I would be there instead of over the phone.Imagine my shock when I get to the check-in desk to pay for my room and the cm refuses to take my money!!! :eek: :eek: Later that day I went to Epcot guest relations and eplained the situation(that the deposit was due the net day and I didn’t want the reservation to lapse)and they called CRO for me,and CRO said that I could pay the deposit when I checked in.


I believe the same. You got someone without a clue. :wink:


An interesting fact that Mommytomjm’s husband told me is the cm’s that speak to you when you call to make reservations don’t give you their real names;they have what they call “stage names”. So if you deal with a clueless,rude cm by the name of “Joe”,that will not be his real name if you call to complain and say that "Joe was rude(or didn’t have a clue about something).