Disney World (1 Night) Any suggestion?


Need to stay one night on the Disney property to take advantage of the airport shuttle. It will be three of us- where would you stay that is the cheapest and why. Don’t get me wrong, we will be checking in to the campground for a week when our party shows up (no camp gear til then).


The All-Star Resors (Sports, Movies, Music) or Pop Century are your options for Value hotels. I prefer All-Star Music - it seems a little quieter than the other All-Stars, and I just love the theming and decor. The Broadway and Jazz buildings are my favorite - they are gorgeous at night!


Awesome, Thanks!


The 4 values (3 All Stars and Pop) are the cheapest and their rates are all identical, as are the rooms although Pop has upgraded their TVs to widescreen and they’ve refurbished all the rooms recently.


I would say Pop, the resort is one of the best values resort…i think but then again i’ve only stayed at pop as value resort.


Thanks again. I think the TV and newly remodel have swayed me!