Disney World 1973


My sister in law sent me these pictures in hard copy form, from her parents honey moon trip to central Florida in June 1973.

I think they are awesome and thought you all would enjoy them as well.

Click the link for the slide show.

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:happy: Thanks for sharing! Very interesting to see.


Those are great! My old Disney pics are faded :frowning:


Some great shots for their age.


Those are great! I remember some of this stuff from back in the day. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, I was at most just a couple weeks old when these were taken (May 30, 1973 birthday), that really makes me smile! My Grandmother went the same year and I have her pictures from that trip and they always give me a warm feeling. Great pics!


This is how I remember Disney World from my younger years. Seeing the fort on Tom Sawyer Island shows just how much the vegetation has grown up around everything.


Thanks for sharing!! Those are great! I think it’s so funny how so many of those things look the same!


I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing!


Aw, thanks for sharing the pictures! My first trip to WDW wasn’t until 2000 so it was really fun looking at them. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the pics! Very cool to see the park in it’s early years:)


I like those. It is amazing how many things are the same looking!


So cool!! What a blast from the past… :slight_smile:


This is the first time I saw WDW.

I’m not as young as you guys.


Wow whats really weird is that its pretty much the same? However, if it aint broke dont mend it as they say!


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1083195]This is the first time I saw WDW.

I’m not as young as you guys.[/QUOTE]

How did you get a picture without the dinosaurs in it?:huh:


thanks way cool


I loved seeing these! Thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks for sharing. They were great


You are Sooooo not funny, hulagirl.