Disney World Christmas Party


I am new here and am wondering if anyone could give me some info, or send me in the right direction, on the After Hours Christmas Party at Disney World…
Is it over crowded? Is there really snow?


I dopn’t know the answers to those questions, but that sounds really cool.Except the over crowded part.


We love MVMCP and have gone every year for 10 years!! Now that we live close to Mickey we go several nights (DH jokes it’s alot to spend just to get different pins) There is snow (tiny bubbles) on main street. There are decorations all over special music, and free hot cocoa and cookies. Most all attractions are open.

Depending on the dates the crowds vary. No way is it as crowded as the day as they limit ticket sales. Prime dates sell out, get tickets early.


Oh…I think MVMCP sounds interesting.I’m going to MNSSHP this year…which is kinda similar…it’s after hours…


OOPS I forgot - check out allears net for lots of info
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party - Magic Kingdom


Love MVMCP!!! My favorite time to go to Disney. I’ve never seen it as crowded as you’d expect it to be. And free hot chocolate is enough to get me there!


It’s the best time of the year to go…

BTW welcome to MB


Thanks everyone…I’ll have to check this out! sounds like alot of fun!


This will be my first year going to it and I can’t wait. From things I’ve read other places don’t go on a weekend if you can help it. They tend to be more crowded. That and the closer it gets to Christmas. I plan on going Dec. 5th.

Try it and make your own opinion.



I cant wait till we get to go. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. Anyone have any pictures of it?


I was wondering if anyone knew what dates in November and December that the parks are not that crowded?


If your trip to WDW will be in any part of holiday week(Christmas to New Year’s Eve)don’t bother going to MVMCP unless you are a pin nut. The shows are put on in the MK during holiday week. They don’t put out signs saying where the free photo is,so I missed it last year. Also,the night I went it was sold out and you could hardly move around. It was the most expensive “free hot chocolate and cookies” I ever had(I must say they were good,though).


The Mrs. & I are hoping to take my folks in December and I noticed that there are discounted tickets to MVMCP for passholders on selected nights. If you can get into the site, check and see what the discount is


It is so worth it to my family, that’s why we are going twice this trip. Sure, it’s expensive, but just the thought of seeing the carolers at night and the beautiful castle. The bands playing aroung the park. The cookies, the cocoa!! The whole festive atmosphere. The snow!!! I come from snow country and my kids look forward to the “snow fall” everytime!! Are there crowds?? Well if there was, we didn’t noticed. We never waited for a ride. Rode buzz about a dozen times!!!

Here is a pic of the castle, love the snowflakes!! Sure you can see it without paying for MVMCP, but all I can say is I feel different at the party. Maybe more special, because not everyone is going, just my humble opinion.


We are going in Dec of 07 and all the pictures that I have found and the videos that I have found of it seem just wonderful. I called about a week ago to see if we could buy tickets for 07 yet and they said no. I will call back at the first of the year to get them because I dont want them to run out. I know they only sale a limited amount of tickets but when we were thinking of going this year they still had some tickets for the 06 year on select days. Good luck…


Does anyone know if they resevere tickets for cast memebers and their families?


The tickets for '07 will probably not go on sale until next April or May.


MMVCP is well worth doing. It is a seperate admissin to the park, you can start getting in around 5 PM of I remember right. The park is crowded, vut you can get around do do things. They do make snow on Main St. There is a special parade (2 showings) stations in hte patk for hot chocolate and cookies (free… the only thing that Disney gives away). Sprcial pins and ogrer things (T-shirts, mugs…) rgar are only available at the time of the event. We have made it a tradition to go every year for the last 4 years.

If you are going at that time, also look at the Candle Light ptovessional on Epcot (very well worht it) and the Osborne lights in MGM (free with park admission) also very much worth it.


We have also made it a family tradition of going to MVMCP. It is just such a nice atmosphere to get you into the Christmas spirit. We go early in December, so it has never been crowded for us.
IMO worth the price of admission!


Is the snow on Main Street just for the Christmas party or is that something they do every night during the holiday season.??