Disney World Christmas Week


:tinytree:We are finally going to Disney world during Chritsmas week. The best part is my wife, son and I will be meeting my mom & stepdad from Texas my Little brother, his 4 girls and his wife from FT. Drum, NY 10th Mountain divison. This is a dream come true. There will be 11 of us celebrating all together before my brother has to deploy again overseas (2nd tour). :santa:



Disney World at Christmas is truly magical. It has become our very favorite time to go. I hope you and all of your family have a great time and make some wonderful memories! :tinytree:


You are going to have a wonderful time. We were there the week before Christmas last year and loved it. I wish we could go every year but we just can’t.


That’s wonderful! We’ll be there the same week! I’m so excited!


Wow. That sounds like a wonderful trip. My brother just got back from Iraq after 18 months. He’s planned a trip for 15 people during December also. Unfortunately, we can’t join him. We are leaving tommorrow morning for 11 days. We booked & planned our trip based on when we could go and he did the same.


Sounds like you will have a wonderful time.


You are going to love it we were there from the 18th to the 28th last year. It is just beautiful. I loved the candelight procession, Osborne Lights, MVMCP, and all the holiday decorations. I really wish I was going back this year.


thats going to be awesome! i really want to get to WDW during Christmas sometime - i keep trying to figure out a way to do it this year between Christmas and new year - but i;m kidding myself, it ain’t gonna happen :crying:


Way cool. The 80 days will fly by.


Disney at Christmas is amazing!!! I am sure you guys will have an amazing and memorable trip.


Disney is breathtaking during Christmas. Hope that you and your dfamily will have a wonderful time.


Oh, have fun!!! I know you will. December is the most magical time @WDW!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it anytime, but Christmas is so special there. Just don’t let the crowds get you down. There are so many fun things to do without standing in line for rides and attractions, and things that you can enjoy WHILE you are waiting in line. We will be there the week before Christmas once again and I am so excited!!!


How exciting! We were there for Christmas and New Year’s last year and are going again next year. AMAZING time to go. Be sure to see the candlelight processional and Osborne Light Spectacular. They both set the mood for the holidays… The processional brought tears to my eyes when the entire crowd sang Silent Night in unison :angel: …and the snow falling from the sky at the Light Spectacular…just perfect…

Enjoy your time with family and Disney friends - only 80ish days left to go!



That is awesome!! Have fun!! I may get to experience Xmas also since Super Soap Weekend is now no longer after this year, I think our family will plan a Dec 23rd - Jan 2/3 timeframe, I can’t wait!!