Disney world guid


I have been to DW many times, but … If you were going to buy a DW guide book which would it be?


I used to be a Birnbaum freak, but now I have switched over to Passporter and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. They both have alot of info that Birnbaum doesn’t have. The Unofficial guide does have alot of tips and reviews on everything. Happy reading!


The Unofficial Guide is the ultimate tool for WDW planning! It is genius.


I definitely would get the Unofficial Guide!!


If you are already familiar with WDW I would use the “Unofficial Guide” only b/c I feel like Birnbaum’s can be obvious and basic information to those who have already visited WDW several times. Much of the “Unofficial Guide” is based on actual trial and social research situations and I found, in the DL one anyway, MANY helpful suggestions and insights.


I would pick the Unofficial Guide if I could only pick one but Passporter is very good also.


I would recommend the Passporter.


My vote is for the Unofficial Guide!


Personally, I’d just print out and compile threads from DCers :biggrin:


You know that would be a great idea. Everyone on the board could post their best secrets and tips and they could be compiled into a book. Who knows more about Disney than the people on this board!


I think Dana could write the book, and use different tips from us as backup.
It’d sell, fo’ sho’!

But, since there is no DC Book, and I can’t take my computer to bed with me, I read the Unofficial Guide, too!


I had used the birnbaum, but this time tried the Unofficial guide. I find it to be way better. More details etc…


Birnbaum…we have been getting that book for years now…even though there is no reason to do so anymore…hehe


I would have to go with Passporter. We have found it indispensable on our last two trips