Disney World here we come!


Our trip to Disney World is officially booked for August 2012!! We were going back and forth on resorts but finally decided on Caribbean Beach!! Now all we need to do is figure out this park ticket mess, now the special 4-day hopper military tickets were explained to me a few months back have now been changed apparently. Originally I was told I could purchase 6 military tickets and my husband could purchase 6. Which was perfect for all of us because each of us were going to use two a piece giving us each 8 days but now I was told yesterday that we can, between the two of us, only purchase 6 tickets and only activate 6 per week. So confusing when the rules change. On a funny and cute note, my step son, who found out Christmas morning that we are going to Disney World for his 1st time, started packing his bag yesterday! He even started putting his pajamas and slippers into the bag! It was such a cute moment!!


Originally you could get up to 12 that all expired in 2012 but one was a promo for 2011 and the other for 2012. By the time you go the 2011 promo will have expired since it wasn’t purchased in 2011.


According to the agent yesterday she said we could still purchase a total of 12 however only 6 at a time and all six had to be used up before the next 6 could be purchased but you can only activate 6 a week. Talk about confusing. But then in the next breath she tells me to buy 6 up here and then once we use them go to Shades of Green or the ticket window to buy the other 6. But if I can only activate 6 per week, that would not make sense. I really am confused by all this.


Are you both Active Duty. A freind here in Beaufort bought 6 on her ID and her DH did 6 on his. Don’t know why they made them do it this way. But it worked for them.
Mickeybug and I have gone back and forth with this and to tell you the truth I’m still totally confused. But we did not have a chance to get down to WDWD and use tix in 2011, so I just have the 6 for 2012 available.


My husband is active duty I am not, we both have IDs but it said that the active duty person and their spouse, between the two can only buy 6 at a time. Originally they told me my husband could buy 6 and I could by six and we would be all set but now they are telling us only 6 between the two of us at a time. So confusing!


Only 6 per each AD member is correct. They finally got it right.

One thing I have not looked into is if the sales windows could add extra days at the standard rate. I don’t think so. But it might be an option if possible.


You’re right, this is all confusing.
Rich, no add-on’s other than hopper/water. We tried. We really wanted that 5th day but would have to pay for a 1 day tic at SoG price.

Ok, if they’re only allowing 6 at a time then that does make sense since it’s two seperate promos. What they did was start another promo before the 1st one ended and because of that they ended up piggybacking on each other. That is interesting that they’ll still allow the 2011 promo to be sold in the 2012 year. Tics purchased in 2011 are still good until Dec 2012. Maybe that’s why they want you to buy one now before the year is up. Not really sure on that. People have gone by buying them back-to-back and it worked out fine. Only problem with that is if you needed more than the 6 initially. The AD or Spouse can both purchase those, but the limit to how many is assigned to the Sponsor’s social and they do keep an eye on that. Once the AD or Spouse have activated at least 1 pass any of the other tics are good to go. The AD or Spouse do not have to be present for the others to use their tics once activated. This is from personal experience. There is some good info on SoG webpage and their FB page.