Disney World Moms Panel article on CNN


Taking the kids: Disney World 101 - CNN.com

Did any of our buzzers get this position?


someone on her did make it–I can’t remember her name though–she doesn’t post very much…but came back to tell us about making the panel.



Her name is BellaBuggy. I posted the link to the original thread.


That’s AWESOME…I remember seeing her thread I just didn’t know if she actually made it.


Hey, thanks for the link. The Disney site is up, I would have expected some fanfare.
I am not sure I like it, but then I don’t like change :biggrin:


I read the CNN article that said later this month we’d be able to go on and post questions. I clicked on it to just check it out and there are already 20 pages of questions. Amazing. I think I take for granted how much knowledge we have here, I see some of the questions and I think it’s so cute, the amateurs. LOL


It said those were questions from CMs and now it’s our turn. I am not really interested. I feel just like you “amateurs” :laugh:


Yeah well, I’m still a little bitter they didn’t pick me LOL…


Here is a link to the Orlando Sentinel article that ran today online… it has the names of all the panelists. They are going to have a wonderful time!!!

Orlando Sentinel - Disney’s panel of moms set by Beth Kassab

Here is what it says:

Disney’s panel of moms set

Walt Disney World has put together its panel of savvy, trained regular visitors who will help write an internet forum to give mom-to-mom advice on Disney World vacations.

The 12-member “Mom’s Panel” – which includes one dad – has been created to provide other families with tips, tricks, strategies, tools and personal opinions about navagating the resort.

The panalists, drawn from ten states and one Canadian provence, were selected from 10,000 applicants.

The members of Disney Parks first-ever online Moms Panel are:

Kara Bacon; Omaha, Neb.
Bret Caldwell; Evanston, Ill.
Beth Choisez; Floral Park, N.Y.
Erin Foster; Scarsdale, N.Y.
Kimberly LaPaglia; Annville, Pa.
Darcie Maranich; Vail, Ariz.
Michelle May; Lebanon, N.J.
Heather Murry; Social Circle, Ga.
Brigitta Noer; Nanoose Bay, BC
Heather Roberts-Nault; Louisville, Ky.
Beatrice Rose; Tampa, Fla.
Laura Spencer; Boston, Mass.


I am SO on the Bitter Bus with you! :laugh:


How do you get to it? It is on the WDW homepage?


Moms Panel | Walt Disney World Resort there ya go :smile:


Hi! I’ve been making my apologies all around, so now it’s my turn here. I’m sorry I went MIA. Initially it was because I wanated to verify with Disney that it was ok for the panelists to continue posting online. Then my middle dd got sick (some chronic health issues, and everything made worse by a heart defect so she keeps us worried and on our toes) and I’ve been really busy with her. My free computer time has been spent researching her condition instad of playing. So again, I’m sorry for vanishing so abrutly.

The site went live yesterday afternoon, but this is a soft opening so it’s not being advertised yet. Our initial questions were from CMs as pp said, and now questions are open to the public. I suspect we’re getting a lot of questions from forum members, as they’d be the biggest group likely to know about the site (and ready to test our knowledge!).

I would like to clear up one misconception that I have seen out there (not at MB specifically, just in general). Disney has NOT told us what to say or how to answer your questions. We were NOT told to promote certain things, or recommend anything for that matter. They stressed over and over again that this was our site, and that we should give our honest unfiltered opinions. So if I don’t like a certain restaurant, for example, it’s perfectly fine to say as much. The panelists were all impressed with the openness in that regard, so I do feel the need to put that information out there. It’s really not the tightly controlled system that many have speculated it to be. :slight_smile:


Now for the big question!!! Which MOM are you???


Hey, good to see you Bella. I am sending you lots of pixidust for DD.

How was your trip to WDW? Did you have some time to enjoy it?
Will the site be like this forum or will it function just like allearsnet’s Anita Answer?


Oh sorry - I am Heather R. Second Heather in the video. :wink:

It’s more like Anita answer or yahoo answers, as the questions are submitted and then put in a pool for us to draw from and answer, then posted later with the answer.

The training trip was AMAZING!!! They were (and continue to be) great to us an I am very grateful. Because of dd I STILL haven’t finished a TR, but I will post when I get it together. My friends from another site (non-Disney - gasp!) have been patiently waiting as well. Sorry!


oh wow, you are from KY!!! Daisee and I live in Northern KY. Go Wildcats!!!

Congrats on being chosen and we will keep your daughter in our prayers.


Hi BellaBuggy!!! Very excited for you. Thanks for the Moms Panel scoop.

I hope your daughter gets well soon!