Disney World Name That Restroom Game


this is not a joke someone posted this video on youtube :laugh:
See how many you can guessYouTube - Disney World Name That Restroom GameApproximately 9 minutes of (men’s) restrooms at Walt Disney World in Florida. Version 2.0 of the video will come with smell-o-vision…


Hmmm… having never been in a men’s restroom, I will do pretty badly at this game…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Good point, good point!!!


Didn’t Cavey post a bathroom TR pictorial? May be he posted this video too!


I’ll take “One of the Stranger Things I’ve Seen to Do Instead of Working” for $500, Alex…:laugh:


Man, I can’t play that game. I’d be pretty good, too. I use the bathroom all of the time at Disney! Ask me where the closest bathroom from any location is… seriously. I know my way around WDW by the restrooms! :laugh: But I’d have to say… women’s restrooms look a whole lot nicer than men’s.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


haha… Rachel and I were playing, and then Clay walked in and he named the Epcot Japan restroom, right of the bat! :laugh: We’re enjoying this game…


I wish they had done the ladies rooms. I might have done better at guessing. In particular the bathrooms at Epcot are familiar. After hitting the coke sampling station I always need to hit several bathrooms!


interesting…I would excel at this in the ladies room version. I would ace “guess this smoking spot” too…lol


hahahaha … I tried to have my DH guess and he did a pretty good job.


Cavey’s Bathroom Trip Report was a classic. I do miss him.:crying:

My dh says men always keep their eyes focused strictly down in washrooms, so I doubt he’d do well. Men are weird.


This is really funny . . . love the music!! So . . . any volunteers to make the ladies room version??? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Oh, Rachel and I are already planning to create a ladies room game on our next trip! (We played the game five times… still kept mixing up the Epcot restrooms!) The thing is… the ones they used aren’t any fun restrooms. All of the Epcot ones look alike. They should’ve done some neat ones like the ones in Pizzafari and more resort restrooms…


Cool . . . can’t wait to see it!!! :laugh: :laugh:


I guess I am just not that observant. I usually don’t go to the bathroom to look around.


Not weird. Its the rules!! There are certain unwritten man rules and thats one of them! :laugh: