Disney World or Disneyland?


For all of you who have been to both parks, which do you prefer & why? What does DL have that WDW doesn’t & vice versa?:confused:


Disneyland rules. :cool:

It’s small, quaint, and you aren’t stuck waiting forever on the bus that’s already jammed full of people…


They’re just totally different vacations to me.

WDW is a resort destination, where I’ll make sure I have extra time for days to do nothing, to lay by a pool, to spend a day shopping.

Disneyland is a shorter trip; I can do it in a day because I’ve been so many times… or I can stretch it out to 3 days. But I’ve never stayed at a Disneyland Resort Hotel, because I don’t spend much time at a hotel in Southern California. Southern California’s where I’ve lived, it’s not where I’d take a nice vacation- it’s Disneyland and only Disneyland (well, and DCA, but they’re a single entity to me) while I’m there.

WDW is more of a relaxing time to me, although we’re still pretty commando when we go to the parks.


Its been a long time since I’ve been to DL but WDW REALLY left a memorable mark on me that has lasted to adulthood. DL was a lot of fun but seemed small to me at the time and I think it wasn’t as impressive. WDW was just that, a whole world unto itself thats like no other. The parks, resorts, monorail and water parks made it seem like Disney never ended and there is so much more to see and experience which keeps making you want to go back. Hands down I prefer WDW.


Too true, I’ve now been to WDW twice and feel I haven’t did it all, infact I know I haven’t did it all. I’ve never been to DLR, I’d like to go someday but as for now WDW is the place for me. :blush:


There is no question in the world for me Walt Disney World. The Castle in DW is much more spectacular. The only thing that I really enjoyed at Disneyland is the Indiana Jones ride.


Does WDW have an Indiana Jones ride? I can’t remember one. I know DHS has the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, which we liked. Although, the last few times I have been down there the show was exactly the same. They need to change the majority of the show for us who have seen it…over & over & over.


Personally, I think the two are uncomparable. Both are equally fabulous in their own way.

With Disneyland, you have to keep in mind that it opened in 1955. It’s a lot smaller than Magic Kingdom. Both parks are unique. Disneyland is laid out a bit differently from Magic Kingdom. It has two extra lands - “Critter Country” and “New Orleans Square.” The castle in Disneyland isn’t nearly as impressive as MK’s. The Matterhorn serves as a more appropriate icon for the park. Disneyland’s neigboring California Adventure has lots of thrills. The popular Soarin’ Over California debuted there. It’s a little empty, and carnival-like in the back, but still lots of fun.

Walt Disney World has the blessing of size. It is, really, a separate world. You could spend two weeks at The World and still not get everything done. And everything is huge in comparison to Disneyland.

I think both parks are equally important to visit. Walt Disney World serves better for extended vacations, while Disneyland could be done in 4 days or less, if necessary. It also depends on what is more convenient. We are located in the southeast, closer to WDW, where we vacation most often. Those on the west coast have an advantage at Disneyland. Still, I think it’s important to venture out and visit both parks. You can never get enough Disney!


No, but the ride vehicles used in Indiana Jones can be seen in AK’s Dinosaur.


Oh, I see. Thank you for the info.


I agree with those who view these two places as separate, different experiences that cannot be compared in a better/worse comparison. The Disneyland Resort is smaller and has fewer overall attractions and hotels. WDW is huge, and offers a totally immersive vacation experience, even if you don’t visit one park. The Disneyland Park is smaller, and more intimate, than Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom has more open space, which some might find preferable. The difference in attractions contributes to each park’s personality and uniqueness. I think both places are wonderful.


This has been a most interesting thread. As for me, I prefer WDW. I thinks it’s because I feel like it’s ‘home’.


If you are comparing apples to apples i.e. The Disneyland theme park to the Magic Kingdom. I like Disneyland better than the Magic Kingdom. It combines some of the rides that are spread out amoung several of the parks at the WDW resort. Plus it has the Indiana Jones ride which is not found anywhere at Walt Disney World.

Between the whole Disneyland Resort Complex (both parks, hotels etc) to the Walt Disney World Resort Complex then Walt Disney World wins.


From: http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/trip-reports/38379-ready2gos-2007-disneyland-trip-report-20.html#post711704

Let’s see…

As for as rides go……

A lot are the same, Splash Mountain is different but over all equal to the WDW version. Maybe a little bit wetter at DLR

Peter Pan in DLR is cooler because of the themeing, movement of the ride, and the flying through the stars scene of the ride (It is a simple thing but makes a big difference to me).

Indy Speedway(WDW) vs. Autopia(DLR)……Autopia much better.

Nemo Subs (DLR) vs The Seas with Nemo and Friends(WDW)
…….Subs are way cooler.

Monorail……DLR takes you inside the Magic Kingdom …WDW is larger and has A/C….hard call here……tie.

Train……With a extra stop in Tomorrowland and the Dioramas ….DLR’s is better

Haunted Mansion ….Once the referb is done at WDW the ride itself should be close to the same …….but the outside look, inside queue, and the first room (That is really an elevator which makes the stretching room effect feel really cool) Makes the DLR version much better.

Winnie the Pooh …… I like the Hunny Pots better…WDW is much better

No Country Bears at DLR anymore …replaced by Pooh……Bad DLR bad.

Jungle Cruse …… DLR guns seem to always work….been a while since I heard the WDW ones….DLR better……a little……maybe

Small World……DLR is a stand alone building and loads outside……bigger is better…it is one of the 1964 Worlds Fair attractions as well.

Pirates of the Caribbean ……… DLR is longer with a few extra scenes and two drops……DLR is better.

Tiki Room……I like the original show better…DLR much better.

Buzz……DLR you can pick up the guns and the AA Buzz with the big Etch a Sketch makes it better over all.

Tower of Terror ……Better queue and more ride to story before you start to drop makes the WDW version much better.

Grizzly River Run (DLR) vs. Kali River Rapids (WDW)
…more to the DLR ride. Faster and more rapidy….but no on ride storage for your stuff on the DLR version.

DLR has Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (WDW has a Mr. Toad statue in the HM exit Grave yard …that’s just sad), Alice in Wonderland, and, for now, the 50th anniversary display and movie.

WDW has a lot more stuff over all.

DLR is small and intimate and you can get around it very quickly.

WDW is BIG and has A Lot more stuff.

Castle vs Castle………Bigger is better……but DLR’s has a real draw bridge.

Fix up of DLR’s California Adventure will be a BIG help…. Screamin’ is a very good coaster…but the Amusement feel of the Pier sections is to me very un Disney.

As an DLR AP pass holder you get discounts just about everywhere by just showing your AP. I just got 50% of my room price for my next DLR trip by using the AP and had a great selection of rooms to choose from. You get at least 10% off you room at any time with your DLR AP. Adult DLR AP’s cost $379

I have never been able to get an AP discount room, that I wanted, using my WDW AP, even when trying the morning the discounts come out. But I have only tried to get these discounts for the monorail resorts and was offered other resorts at the discount.

The DLR AP is plastic, not paper like the WDW AP’s, and the DLR AP’s have your picture on the back.

Walt’s Apartment at DLR.

What I think…time for a short trip up to a week = DLR…time for a week or more = WDW :smile: but do both if you can an see for yourself.:smile:

Walt spent a lot of time in the DLR Magic Kingdom…….sadly none in WDW :sad:………Both are Great and special in there own way……They are not clones of one another and though a trip to DLR does not have to be as long as a trip to WDW to see everything, it is without a doubt, worth the trip.:smile:


Ready2go, I enjoyed your assessment. Between the two, which one do you spend the most time in? TY for sharing.


We much preferred WDW to DL. DH and I loved visiting DL for the history of it all. We both remember fondly watching Disney on Sunday nights when we were kids. All that is there and more. But to me, DL is too cramped. They have many of the same things but they are squeezed into a much smaller space.

WDW has the whole resort experience. Much more to do on property.

You would never hear me turn down a trip to DL though.



Walt spent a lot of time in the DLR Magic Kingdom…….sadly none in WDW :sad:…….[/QUOTE]

well he didn’t spend anytime in WDW because he passed away in 1966 before even the Magic Kingdom even got finished. he was going to have a great suite in Cinderellas Castle but again, he passed so it got turned into a Switchboard room then storage then to a suite you win. sure there is going to be more “Walt touches” to DL but thats only because he was alive then. personally its no contest…WDW hands down. Magic Kingdom is more of a place to take the kids with a few things for the older kids. but is primarily targeted at the Younger kids. now Epcot and MGM I feel that are aimed more at the older kids and adults. I mean you can get alcohol all through the world showcase. test track, Mission: Space, I mean come on they have to put warnings on them for the people with blood pressure problems. And a kid died on Mission: Space! ( i know it was a rare heart disease but still, adds to my point) tower of terror, rockin’ roller coaster, Star Tours, all have some sort of cautions not for younger kids. BUT with that being said there is something for everyone at every park. Space Mountain, Big Thunder, and Splash Mountain great rides, then you have the Aladins Carpet ride, Its A Small World, list goes on and on. I think that WDW has the glory of being able to spread it out so that you don’t have to have that 1 park a day attitude. I feel its more catered to you, and its all about YOU, you can go to what park you want when you want (park hoper) and the scenery, resorts, and just general architecture is amazingly beautiful. no detail missed. but thats just me, and what i think, everyones different and some people will like complete opposite of what I like. so when it comes down to it its all what you like, if you like a long relaxing, do what you when when you want vacation WDW all the way, want something were your always doing something DLR. but again thats just me!:mickey:


I was in DL in '76 & '78(?) w/my parents. Not really fair for me to compare the two since all my trips to WDW have been as an adult w/my family.

However:laugh: There is just SO MUCH MORE TO DO in WDW. Even though DL has grown a lot, I just like the total escape from reality you get at WDW. I don’t want to ride the Matterhorn and overlook the Anaheim expressway:frown:. Or stare at the Howard Johnson’s .:frown:

I do remember that rides like Small World are presented much better in DL. I can’t remember PP but I know a lot of Buzzers rate it higher at DL vs WDW.

My wife has never been to DL and I would like to take her there. The only thing is, I don’t fly so it would be a long trek across country (from Pittsburgh) to get there. Plus that’s a lot of time and money to invest in something that you may come away from disappointed. Whereas WDW is a sure thing for us.


When we lived out in Tustin, Ca (5 miles from DL) we went just about each Sunday. We would Get there as the gate opened and had breakfast at the Carnation Plaza (they got to know us very well. They always saved us this one table) Then off to the rope drop and fun until around 1 PM then home. Each place is special to us. We been doing Walt Disney World almost twice a year since 1989.
But to say which is our most beloved place between those two is impossible since we have fond memory of each.


We have been to Dl twice (the last time was just after DCA opened, when it stood for Don’t Come Again) and WDW over 40 times. They both have their charm and positives. We live on the east coast, so WDW is easier for us.

DL is where it all started. It is smaller in size and is quaint. The thought that Walt had to conceive of the park is unimaginable. The hotels are within walking distance to the park, and thee Grand Californian, has access right into the park. Now, what is better than that!

WDW is larger and is a true destination resort. It has the ability to grow and has multiple parks, which DL does not (except for DCA). It is also easier to improve on something that already exists which WDW has capitalized on in many aspects.